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Masking with Ribbon

Masking is all the rage right now especially with mists. This video is all about how to use your inks and a sponge to do some masking with your ribbon. And the cool thing is you can reuse the ribbon, too!  By using inks and a sponge you can control how much product is going on to your mask. So in case you are using a color that won’t match your next project, you won’t waste any of your ribbon. A great way to cut costs and make product go further.


Blog post by: Ellen Sosnoski

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  1. Terri Fox

    Absolutely beautiful ribbons, I can hardly wait to buy some and get on with my card making, thanks

  2. Carol Ann

    I think a doily would work as a great mask too.  Just in case you don't have webbed ribbon.

  3. Charlene


  4. B. Poteraj

    I've never thought of doing this. Nice.

  5. Dorina D

    Great layout and your tutorial was great. What an easier way than misting,  Thanks for sharing

  6. Kristie Maynard

    Cool idea, this would be beautiful using some laces too!  Lovely!

  7. Kimberlly Jones

    Terrific idea! I love the subtle pattern you created with the ribbon!

  8. Kathy P

    What a simple, GREAT idea!  Love it—looks so cool!  And I like that I can use the mast over and over by using inks instead of mists!


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