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Market Bag Tutorial

Hi there, and welcome to the May Arts blog!  This is my first blog post for May Arts, and I’m still pinching myself!
Today I’ll show you how to make a fun market bag.  It’s a pretty simple project, and easy to really personalize.
First gather your supplies.  You will need a tea towel (I bought mine at a local craft store for $2.50), white 1 ½” grosgrain ribbon (QH01), twill stripe ribbon (382-34-94) and a button of your choice (mine is vintage- I remember it being on my grandmother’s ‘car-coat’).

Next we’ll create a ruffle.

I’ve intentionally tried to not make it ‘perfect’.

Now we’ll make a ruffle flower.  You’ll need to make a running stitch along one side of the ribbon.  I used about 1 ½’ of ribbon total, and tied a good knot on the starting end.

Now pull to gather.

Sew the ends of the flower together.  I also used some ranger glossy accents on the ends to prevent them from fraying.

Add your flower center.  As I said, I chose a vintage button, but a brad or something similar would work too

Now you’ll want to check your placement to be sure you like the layout BEFORE you sew it down!

You’ll see I debated on whether to use the twill stripe or go without.

I decided I liked it with the twill, so I pinned that in place.

Now we’re getting serious…!  🙂  We’re going to sew the twill in place.

AND we’re going to sew the ruffle in place.

For those of you that sew, I’m sure there is a better way, try not to laugh much.  Now you’ll pin the ‘right’ sides together & sew up the sides.

Finally, we’ll sew the handles on.

Here’s a close-up.  I added the ‘x’ detail for strength.

And here’s your finished project!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and are dreaming of what beautiful May Arts ribbon you can use for your own market bag!

Blog Posted By: Jen Shears

  1. Charlene Austin

    OMG Girlfriend! This is BRILLIANT!! I wanna make one!!!

  2. Andrea

    Absolutely darling!! I may have to attempt this, but I also could use some sewing classes.

  3. Kimberly Jones

    Gorgeous bag Jen and a great tutorial! I am a bit fearful of sewing, but I feel inspired to try after seeing this!

  4. Do of

    Love the bag, Jen!

  5. Charlene

    Super cute bag, Jen!

  6. Jeanne

    Jen, Beautiful work — what a great idea!! You make it look so easy!!!

  7. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    Jen – This bag is so fabulous! Lots of detailed pics – makes me think that maybe I could even make one – or just come back here and look at yours!!

  8. Jennifer H.

    Oh Jen, I love this!!! I wish I had a sewing machine and actually knew how to sew! I would do this bag for sure!!!! *thinking Christmas gifts for the ladies in the family*


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