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Many Thanks

It's all in the way you wrap it. A simple gift that's packaged with class.


In September of this year, I had to have my gall-bladder removed.  I had two attacks in one week and 4 days after the second attack, surgery.  Wow!  I had no idea recovery would be so difficult.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, this project has to do with the way I wrapped my thank you gifts for some wonderful neighbors who brought in dinner to my family while I was recovering.  What gracious people. 



I found some cute in-expensive bowls and placed a jar of home-made pineapple jalapeno jam, yummm, in the middle and surrounded it with individually wrapped life-savers.



Wrapped them in cellophane with the help of a cute little fairy!



I use pipe cleaners that I've cut in half to wrap around the cellophane to hold it and then tie the beautiful ribbon over the pipe cleaner.



May Arts carries a wonderful selection of ribbon with yellow and orange combinations, so we tied them up beautiful and then made some cards to match the ribbon.



With the help of some Hero Arts stamps, embellishments and ribbon, I made them clean and simple.  Pattern punched at the bottom, I then added some solid card stock behind it.  All adhesives were Glue Arts products of course.

The glue glider pro, ribbon adhesive, and extreme adhesive squares.



On this particular one I stamped directly on the ribbon.



This patterned ribbon was even more beautiful than I imagined once I had it in my hands.



Lovin' the ric-rac, aren't you?



Ric-rac, on a plain white card, printed card stock on top and some more ric-rac.  Bright and fun, if you ask me.



I don't have room in my house to keep every card that I've been given, but I also hate throwing them away. So, I make my cards with the note either attached with brads so they can remove it and put there own note in and reuse the card or simply just place the note inside without brads



Who wouldn't love getting a re-useable Thank you card?  A simple gift that screams thanks all in the way I wrapped it.


Ribbon used:

AR-27, 28

ER-27, 28, 46





Thanks for joining me today.  We hope to see you back soon!


Blog Posted By: Andrea Miller

  1. Charlene

    Glad you’re better Andrea! What a cute little helper you have…great thank you ideas.

  2. Donna Przybylowski

    Wow, that is great, some awesome matching packagings and card with the Ribbon being the tie in focal point, and all so pretty, GREAT IDEA, thanks. All of these are so pretty And re using the cards is another GREAT idea, I have been doing that with some of mine for some time, especially my home made cards, the options are limitless with RIBBON, especially YOUR ribbon, again, not just because you are doing the give a ways, your ribbon is such a great quality compared to some of the others, you just have the market topped there!!! My opinion anyway.

    Have a great day!!!!

  3. Andrea

    Grandmom the punch I used is and EK craft punch I bought from my local craft store. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Pam Loris

    Thanks for sharing your packaged gifts! Love your cards too! Such cheery colors, and of course fabulous ribbon!

  5. Grandmom

    Love the cards you made. What punch did the flowers and scallops? So cute!

    Like the idea of reuseable cards, will have to try that!

  6. Amy Serbaroli

    Great idea on the re-useable card, and I love that extra large ric rac! Thanks for sharing.


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