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Make a Ribbon Tassel

Adding tassels to your home décor is an easy way to add a little elegance and they are even more special when you create them yourself.  Using May Arts Ribbons will let you customize your look for a perfect match.

 Make a Ribbon Tassel

Paint the wooden tassel form with a thick, tacky glue (only do a small section at a time – not the whole form).  Carefully, start wrapping May Arts mini cording around the form, making sure each row is pushed up close to the row before).  Continue this for the entire form, changing colors as desired.   Add a length of the velvet with gold polka dots around the neck of the tassel for contrast.

Make a Ribbon Tassel

For the skirt of my tassel, I wrapped the mini cording around a tassel board, but you could also wrap around a piece of cardboard that is the width that you want your fringe length to be.  After the cord has been wrapped, then use the mini cording to sew 2 rows of backstitching across the fringe.  Then remove from the board ( or cardboard)  and use the ends of the lacing cords to tie around the bottom of the tassel.  Cover over the edges with another piece of the velvet.

Make a Ribbon Tassel

I made a twisted cord for the hanging loop and  just twisted an eye screw into the top of the finial to hang it with.

 By Gini Williams Cagle


Other Supplies Used:

  • Wooden Tassel form or wooden finial from the Hardware store
  • Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue
  • Tassel Board


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  1. Virginia Fynes

    This looks great!!

  2. SuZeQ

    I just love this. Takes me back to my majorette-ing years when we made these tassels for our boots.


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