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Make a Ribbon Leaf Wreath

Ribbon Leaf Wreath

I wanted to replicate the arrival of Spring and warmer weather with a wreath based from one of my childhood memories. Spring signaled the discovery of eggs in a nest, keeping a daily watch on their progress of when the eggs hatched, and the baby birds’ first flight. May Arts Faux Suede Leaves provided the perfect base for my Spring Leaves Wreath.

Ribbon Leaf Wreath 

Making this wreath took no time at all. I started with a straw wreath base, picked up at a local thrift store for almost nothing. I glued the popular May Arts Faux Suede Leaves Ribbon in Olive directly to the wreath with hot glue, covering the entire wreath front and back. I snipped a few leaves from the string to cover any bare spots.

 Ribbon Leaf Wreath

I then glued a pre-made nest and Styrofoam eggs to the wreath base for a nice focal point and finished by adhering some decorative twigs on either side of the nest.

 Ribbon Leaf Wreath

I really enjoy the texture and color of May Arts Faux Suede Leaves Ribbon in Olive – a perfect choice when replicating a tree full of life!

 By Karen Baker


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Other Supplies Used:

  • 12” Straw Wreath
  • Hot Glue
  • Twigs
  • Pre-made Bird Nest
  • Styrofoam Eggs


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  1. TracyM #6773

    DELIGHTFUL wreath Karen!!!
    LOVE your olive leaves and cute little nest – thank you for the inspiration!!!


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