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Make a Rhinestone Necklace

I hate going to put on an outfit and realizing I don’t have the right jewelry to go with it! So, why not make the perfect piece to match. Thanks to May Art’s new Diamond Chain, it’s even easier to add a little bling to your wardrobe.

Make a Rhinestone Necklace

Cut a piece of paper with a peacock feather as the main image from the patterned paper using the Ovals One die. Apply embossing powder to the edges and heat set. Apply a thin line of glue and add glitter to the feather for detail. Glue to the inside of the matching bezel.

Since the Diamond Chain is articulated, it is easy to curve into shapes. Form an oval and glue inside the bevel.

Mix the Clear Cast Resin per the instructions and pour into bezel and let dry completely.

Make a Rhinestone Necklace

Run several strands of the ¼” silk ribbon, torn strips of the wider silk and metal chain through the top loop of the bezel. Tie the ribbons in a knot in the back of the necklace. Hang a key or other charm through the metal chain, tied on with ribbons. Finish with a charm hanging from the bottom of the bezel.

By Gini Williams Cagle


Other Supplies Used:

  • Graphic 45 Couture Paper
  • Spellbinders Ovals One Bezels; Ovals One Die
  • Art Institute Glitter
  • Amazing Mold Putty Clear Cast Resin
  • Wow Embossing Powder
  • Chain, charms


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  1. Laura Strack

    I love the this gorgeous bezel that you’ve designed. And the purple shades make it even more beautiful. The Ribbon that you’ve added is so pretty and frilly. I would love to have some in every color! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melinda Wilson

    Beautiful necklace for that special occasion.

  3. jean marmo

    Wow – so cool.

  4. Terri Burson

    What a stunner! Just gorgeous….

  5. Jamie Larsen

    love the peacock feather for the image. tfs

  6. Lucy E.

    What a lovely necklace! The diamond chain is perfect for this.

  7. Sue Weir

    That’s just a cool necklace!!! Love it!

  8. Alexia Misso

    Gorgeous necklace!

  9. marylouh

    Great idea. You could make a lot of these and always be prepared with the right color for your outfit.

  10. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful! I love the silk ribbons and the Diamond Chain!

  11. Lynda

    Beautiful necklace…fabulous color!!!

  12. stamping sue

  13. Carol Mc

    Beautiful piece. Love those colors and the feather.

  14. Kailash

    Beautiful work, love this piece!!!

  15. Jennifer Essad

    I’m all for the subtle effect of this type of ribbon, its delicate and effective in our craft work

  16. TracyM #6773

    Your necklace is a BEAUTIFUL one-of-a-kind treasure Gini – LOVE the Diamond Chain, LOVE the feather, LOVE all the purple ribbons – LOVE IT ALL!!!

  17. Lola

    One of a kind!

  18. Pooja

    Wow ! Beautiful !

  19. Ann M

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  20. Amy Cooley

    What a beautiful and unique necklace!

  21. Heather Thompson

    That is beautiful. I love the colors!!


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