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Make a Reusable Designer Gift Box for Less

Make a Reusable Designer Gift Box for Less

There’s nothing like receiving a beautiful packaged gift, and it is even better to be the one that gives the gift! Better than that is when you’ve dressed up a simple box with not a lot of expense!

 Make a Reusable Designer Gift Box for Less

I created some packaging without wrapping paper or tape and can’t wait to show you how easy this was!

 Make a Reusable Designer Gift Box for Less

  • To make this dressed up box, there are only a few steps and supplies involved. May Arts Ribbon makes transforming any ordinary product into something beautiful so easy!
  • I started with a left over hard gift box from the Christmas season. I painted the box to cover the seasonal design, then added a dusting of some translucent shimmer paste over the box.
  • Then I drilled a hole in the top of the box.
  • I cut two lengths of May Arts Elastic Ribbon in Hot Pink to fit the box. (To measure the right length of ribbon according to your box size, hold a cut edge of the elastic ribbon in the middle of the top of the box, run it down and around the sides and bottom of the box and meet to the top of the box again. Make sure your ribbon is a bit taut, as the tightness will keep your box closed!) After pushing the four cut sides of the ribbon through the top of the box to the inside top of the box and tied a knot to secure the ribbon.

 Make a Reusable Designer Gift Box for Less

Here’s a view of the top and bottom of the box, after the elastic has been secured. The end result keeps the top of the box to the bottom, and you’ve got an instant start to beautiful packaging without wrapping paper or tape!

 Make a Reusable Designer Gift Box for Less

I finished the top of the box with artificial flower leaves and three stacked May Arts White Flowers. To cover the hole and to make the center of the flower, I simply added a large rhinestone to match my pink ribbon. Once this was assembled, I stuck the piece into the same hole in the top of the box that the elastic ribbon was threaded into. This project came together so quickly and easily, and reminds me of some of the expensive packaging from department stores!

By Karen Baker



Partners in Craft Supplies Used:


Other Supplies Used:

  • 3L Dodz Glue Dots
  • Black Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Artificial Leaves
  • Drill and Drill Bit


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  1. Judy B

    Such a great box. Love how simple it is to make and that hot pink ribbon really adds the wow factor. Thanks for sharing.

  2. TracyM #6773

    Pretty box Karen!!!


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