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How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

 How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

We can all use a new accessory, either for ourselves or as a gift for the fashionista in your life. Utilizing the beautiful Double Faced Faux Suede Ribbon will give a lux feel to your cuff. Follow along so you can see how to use the iconic Irish Knot to create this suede beauty. Off we go.


  • Fold ribbon in half and sew along edge. (I used 2 yards of ribbon for the cuff)

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Find center of sewn ribbon, fold in half.

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Loop left hand side.

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Bring right hand down over loop and under left side string.

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Bring ribbon over top left side and under original loop then over the right hand piece from step 4 and back under the bottom of the original loop. I know that is a lot right…just remember over under over under! And keep looking at the picture.

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Tighten up your knot.

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Repeat knot process for 7 knots depending on desired size.

How to Make an Irish Knotted Cuff

  • Tie a double knot to finish. Secure with glue. Let dry.
  • Give the cuff a little tug to obtain the spacing between the knots. Sew button to end knot. All done!

For full disclosure it took me like 5 knots to really “get” this knot down…once you have it this project goes SO much faster. So play with it and be patient the payoff it totally worth your effort.

By Jennifer Davey


Other Supplies Used:

  • Thread
  • Button
  • Glue (I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion it’s perfect for fabrics)
  • Sewing machine
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors


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  1. TracyM #6773

    WOW – these are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Jennifer!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your tutorial!!!

  2. Amante del Papel

    awesome tutorial!!!


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