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Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps

I tend to save scraps of fabrics and ribbons because I KNOW “one day” I will find a purpose for them. Instead of waiting for a purpose to come along I had to find one or I might have drown in bucket of ribbon and be buried in a pile of scrap fabrics and no one ever would have known where I had gone. This fun little project only scratches the surface of my scraps but I am making plans for more scrap stash projects. This idea came from a CHA sample pack from a friendly stabilizer company…so I don’t get all the credit for the design…but I will show you how I made my version.

 Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps

I started with scraps of cotton fabrics and found twill tapes to match- there are so many delightful colors you will find one that matches your fabric scraps.


Step 1 – Cut small heart from fabric, batting and stabilizer Layer in that order with folded piece of Twill Ribbon at curve of heart. Pin layered materials to center of scrap contrasting fabric with a similar layering underneath…batting then stabilizer.

Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps


Step 2 – Stitch approximately 1/8-inch from raw edge of cut heart. Follow along twice, don’t worry about perfection the wobbly lines add character.

Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps


Step 3 – Pin contrast fabric to back of sewn layers (I used the same numbers fabric on the back side) with right side facing out. With fabric marking tool draw a heart to outline your center stitched heart, I gave about 1/2-inch between inside stitched heart. Stitch along marked line in same manner to inner heart. Tip: if you pin the ribbon flap down toward inside of heart it won’t get caught in the stitches.

Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps


Step 4 – Cut about 1/8-inch from stitched edge of larger heart. Add key ring through loop of Twill Ribbon to finish.

 Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps

Make a Heart Key Ring Using Your Scraps

This key ring would be a great zipper pull for a backpack or hold your keys with great skill. Whether you are making it for yourself or gifting it to a special someone you will be delighted how fast and easy this key ring goes together.

Happy Sewing!

By  Jennifer Davey




Other Supplies Used:

  • Cotton Fabric Scraps
  • Cotton Batting
  • Sew In Heavy Weight Craft Stabilizer
  • Thread
  • Key ring
  • Sewing Machine (a hand sewn heart would work too)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marking tools


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