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How to Make a Free Standing Ribbon Ghost

Halloween is in full swing and if you’re one of those DIYers who loves to decorate for the holiday, then this post is for you. Today I’m sharing this quick and super easy way to make your very own self standing ghost with May Arts Ribbon.

 How to Make a Free Standing Ribbon Ghost

All you need is

  • Some cool May Arts Ribbon. This 5″ wide sheer one work best for this idea.
  • Liquid starch such as Sta-Flo.
  • A stand for your ghost. Here I used a plastic bottle.
  • A little plate to hold the liquid starch.

 How to Make a Free Standing Ribbon Ghost

To make your ghost, start by cutting 4 pieces of ribbon to your desired length. To get an idea of the length, drape the ribbon over your stand and cut leaving some extra on the sides.

Next pour a little starch onto your plate. Then dip the ribbon pieces one at a time into the liquid starch.

 How to Make a Free Standing Ribbon Ghost

Make sure the ribbon is covered all over and you wipe off the excess liquid. Then drape the soaked piece over your ghost stand. Repeat by crisscrossing the ribbon pieces.

Next let your ghost dry on the stand. Drying time depends on the thickness of ribbon you use. Mines took an hour in the sun. Just be sure that it is dry all the way, under the places that are overlapped. I also lightly tied a string around mines so it would puff at the top but this is optional.

 How to Make a Free Standing Ribbon Ghost

When the ghost is completely dry, you can pull out the stand. It’s like magic how the ghost can stand on its own. I decorated mines with a little ribbon tie and added a battery operated tea light for a cool glow. Decorating is totally optional as these look really cool on their own.

How to Make a Free Standing Ribbon Ghost 

By Lalo IK




Other Supplies Used:

  • Liquid Starch
  • Bottle
  • Plate


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  1. barb macaskill

    Cool beans!! What a great idea for the little ones to make! TFS!

  2. Heather Thompson

    oh my, that is such a neat project!!! love it!


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