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Make a Ribbon Bunting

Entry #16 from our Calling All Bloggers Challenge was sent to us by Judean Patten-Clark of Sukeydookiedoo:


Make A Ribbon Bunting

ribbon challenge

You’ve seen them in home décor, party pictures, and paper crafting—pennant banners, or bunting, are everywhere! Here’s a quick way to add bunting to a card or scrapbook page using bits of leftover ribbon:

ribbon challenge

  • Start by lining up your pieces of ribbon in the order you want them to go on the card. Don’t worry too much about the length right now, you can trim them later on.
  • Make sure you have a good amount of thread to start out with, then place your first piece of ribbon just below the presser foot of your sewing machine.

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

  • Sew slowly through the first ribbon bit, then add in the next after leaving a few stitches in between. Finish off by leaving a thread tail after your last piece of ribbon at the other end

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

  • Attach to your project by securing with a few stitches, or by using brads as I did here: 

ribbon challenge

This card is an invitation for my girl/boy twins 1st birthday party—I love how the colors of the ribbon perfectly complement the Raggedy Anne and Andy theme!

And what party would be complete with out decorations? Using May Arts ribbon in the same palette, I whipped up this banner to greet guests as they come in the door:

ribbon challenge

This is super quick and easy to do, similar to the mini bunting, except this time I used the elastic ruffled ribbon to attach all of the ribbon flags across the top. So cute and fun—I can’t wait for the party!

May Arts Ribbon used for these projects:

  • ED14 Solid/Reversible Dots in Red
  • 365 Solid/Stripes in Red
  • 359-14 Elastic/Plaid Ruffle in Red
  • Q15 EMBROIDERY in Red
  • 338-94 GROSGRAIN/SCALLOPED EDGE in Turquoise
  • MNN34  SOLID/WOVEN CHECK in Turquoise
  • WA94 STITCHED/GROSGRAIN in Turquoise
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  2. april

  3. Lei

    How simple, sweet and cute!

  4. Keesha

    This looks awesome!! Very cute and creative!!

  5. KellyG

    So cute! Great idea, love how both projects turned out!

  6. Carolyn

    What a cute idea!

    Great tutorial

  7. Krystina

    Not only adorable but very creative!! Awesome tutorial.

  8. janet

    Judean…Great tutoria! And what a great idea for scraps. I must attack my scrap jar!

  9. Donna Coughlin

    This is fabulous, love the idea!

  10. tam

    awesome! what a cute idea! tfs!

  11. Amber C

    What an adorable idea! No more tossing those smaller bits of ribbon left over!!

  12. Cassie Box

    I absolutely love this!!!
    Great colors!! Fantastic card!!!

  13. Shelley May

    too stinkin CUTE!!! seriously sweet!

  14. Joyce

    Judean, great tutorial!

  15. Mandy Starner

    love, love, love! I will be making some of these for my kid’s rooms!

  16. kimbo

    this is so adorable….watch out Martha Stewart!

  17. Chris Aiton

    This is so charming, and what a perfect way to use scraps!

  18. Jenifer

    very cute I love this what a great way to use up all those little scraps of ribbon that you just cant throw away. Great Idea


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