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Make a Natural Trellis Using Burlap Twine

Make a Natural Trellis Using Burlap Twine

I love upcycling & using natural elements in my yard whenever I can! A few years ago we had a very destructive ice storm- we ended up losing this white barked birch tree, but I thought it was too pretty to not save some pieces! I ended up cutting several limbs to a length that I could use as a trellis. They are far from perfectly straight, but I love the result.

Make a Natural Trellis Using Burlap Twine

I simply used 3 pieces & tied them together at the top with some grape twisted burlap. You can see that it had been tied this way last year too- this was left outside all year, so the color did fade eventually.

Make a Natural Trellis Using Burlap Twine

After securing the top by wrapping it several times with the burlap I wrapped it around the whole trellis a few times & tied it near the base. It took about 4 yards of the grape burlap- it will depend on the size of your trellis how much you will need!

Make a Natural Trellis Using Burlap Twine

Make a Natural Trellis Using Burlap Twine

You could stop with the grape, but I decided it would be fun to add more color at the top! I added about a yard each of the grape, yellow & olive twisted burlap- I simply wrapped each around the top! I love how it turned out & now my sweet peas have a piece of garden art to grow on!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ve been inspired! 🙂

By Jen Shears


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Other Supplies Used:

  • Birch branches
  • Terra cotta pot/garden soil
  • Sweet peas


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