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Love Who You Are Wall Hanging

Hi!  This is Jingle here with you today and I am excited to share with you a very simple project that makes a GORGEOUS gift or even a little something for yourself!  Today we are going to create a wall hanging.




Let’s Begin!



Print the collage sheet and cut down to the 5×7 size.  Be sure that the edges line up nicely with the glass.  You may need to trim a bit to be sure nothing goes over the edges.



Layer the paper behind the glass (printed side against the glass) and secure all four photo corners in place with a dab of glue and by bending over the back metal pieces.



Using a very strong adhesive, secure a long cut of ribbon on the back of the frame.  Begin at the bottom, leaving some to show and loop up over the top to create a hanging loop, bring the ribbon back down to match the other side hanging from the bottom.  Cut the bottom pieces in a decorative cut.



And there you have it!  A wonderful gift piece in very little time!  And a great reminder, too!  YAY!!!


Blog post by: Jingle

  1. Barbara Moore

    I love it! This really is a nice gift for someone, or to keep for yourself!

    Hugs XX

  2. Laura Cox

    Love this….super simple, but lots of impact!

  3. {vicki}


  4. Larissa Heskett

    THANKS for sharing this Jingle!! =)
    I LOVE it!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  5. Annette A.

    such a fun idea…love it

  6. Regina

    Simple, unique and elegant. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Christine Dring

    I love this! Thanks for sharing Jingle!


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