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Little Black Dress


We had so much fun playing with Our Craft Lounge's goodies, that we just had to share with one more day of inspiration!  Enjoy!  🙂

Little Black Dress



For the May Arts/Our Craft Lounge  blog week, I had so much fun playing with 2 products that were brand new to me: Sparkly Fluff and Sheer/Pull Flower Bow ribbon! The result is a very sparkly die cut dress with a gathered flounce and a rosette accent on a glittery sash. This flirty and festive dress will be a perfect addition to my art journal! Here’s how I made it:



Begin by adding a strip of 1 ½” Scor-Tape to the waist of a die cut dress. Do not remove the top liner as it will serve as a mask for the next step. {I used the Accucut A7 Cards-Dress Pinnovation Die & the Shimmer Couture Cardstock is from A Muse.}



Spread a thin coat of tacky white glue on the dress die cut using a paint brush. Be sure to avoid the taped area.



Generously sprinkle Eyeliner Black Sparkly Fluff on the die cut. Gently press into place with a piece of wax paper, and then tap off the excess. The fluff is very lightweight and will flutter everywhere, so be sure to work over a large piece of wax paper to catch the excess and return it to the jar.



Allow the fluff to dry for a couple of minutes, then remove the Scor-Tape liner and sprinkle on some silver vintage glass glitter. Tap off the excess and set the dress aside to dry.



I cannot rave enough about this gorgeous new ribbon from May Arts! Sheer/Pull Flower Bow {Wired} ribbon comes in 9 luscious colors, and makes it so easy to create ruffled gathers and ribbon rosettes. To make the flounce for the dress simply cut a 1 yard length of the ribbon, pull the threads at each end while gathering the ribbon toward the middle. Tie a double knot in each end to secure and cut off the excess threads. Be sure to save those threads to tie around the waist of the dress!



For the ribbon rosette, cut an 18” length of ribbon, tie a knot in one end and pull the threads on the other end to gather. Tie the two ends together securely to form a circle and cut off any excess threads.



Scrunch up the ribbon to form a rosette. Using black thread, sew a sparkly button to the center of the rosette. Tie the extra threads from the flounce around the glittery sash and then use a strong adhesive to attach the rosette on the side of the sash.

Sparkly Fluff comes in 19 different colors, so it would be a cinch to customize this project for any occasion or color scheme! I had a great time experimenting with this unique product. Many thanks to May Arts and Our Craft Lounge for sponsoring this project! Be sure to visit my blog Serendipity Vintage Studio for a printable PDF of this tutorial. Happy crafting!

  1. Hannah Thyen

    Great Job Kim!! You inspired my to buy just about every color for the store!!! I can’t wait to debut is at our Retreat next week!

  2. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    Great job, Kim!! Your posts are always so inspiring!

  3. jen shears

    WOW! this is so innovative!!! love it, Kimberly!!!

  4. Kathy P

    Wow! How cute an idea is this? My mind is churning with ideas. Love that pull ribbon!

  5. Melinda Wilson

    Oh my goodness! This is the neatest idea and would work great for an upcoming event that I am hosting. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Michelle

    Very pretty! Love the ribbon!

  7. Michelle

    Very pretty! Love the ribbon!!

  8. Aki

    Woah impressive!The dress looks more beautiful~

  9. Cynthia B.

    This dress is amazing! Love the effect of the sparkly fluff + the gathered ribbon.

  10. Holly Tolman

    that ribbon is amazing

  11. Kristie Maynard

    Love it! What cool products! Thanks for sharing.

  12. lisa808

    This is stunning! I have to get that pull ribbon!

  13. SLachan

    This is gorgeous! Gotta get me some of that sparkly fluff. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Karen K


  15. ellen s

    oh FABulous!

  16. Iris s

    This is the best project of the week! What a great combo of your ribbons and OCL STAMPS!

  17. Sue D

    Wow–very pretty!

  18. Tanya P

    Wow, this is so pretty and so fun!

  19. Dana Tatar

    What a Fabulous project! The new ribbon is so cool and the Sparkly Fluff looks like a ton of fun! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  20. Jingle

    This is so cute!

  21. DeniseB

    Absolutely adorable! I love this idea! Looks like fun to make, and would be so fun to try out some different colors too. So many scrumptious May Arts ribbons to choose to embellish the dress! Will have to check out the Sparkly Fluff.


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