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Lava Lamp Party Set

Day 5 of May Arts / Our Craft Lounge Blog Week!

Lava Lamp Party Set

I am excited to share this fun project with you using some super cute stamps from Our Craft Loungeand some fabulous May Arts Ribbon!  I have to be honest.  I was a little curious when a set of Lava Lamp stamps arrived at my door.  I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with them, but MAN, do I love these things!  They are so cute and the different parts work so well together and are so easy to use!  I decided to create a fun Lava Lamp Party set! 



  • May Arts Ribbon: ½ inch Solid Wrinkled EA01 in white, 1 ½ inch Grosgrain/Scalloped Edge 338-12 in Light Orange, 1 inch Grosgrain/Satin Edge 376-1-01 in white
  • Other Supplies:  A White Gift Bag, cardstock, ink, markers, adhesive



To begin, stamp the two lava lamp designs several times each on a heavy stock.  I usually stamp a couple of extras just in case! 



Color the images with your favorite markers.  I used Tombow for mine.  I have to say the product packaging was a HUGE inspiration for the colors on my project!  It was great!  After coloring, cut each image from the stock.



Create the Mini Banner by knotting a length of the white Wrinkle Ribbon and then adhering the lava lamps between each knot.  Tie the ends in loops so you can easily hang this on a chair, attach to a gift, or even use as a cake bunting.



Create the gift bag by running a strip of the orange scalloped grosgrain about two inches from the bottom of the bag.  Tie a large bow and attach at the side.  Adhere one of your lava lamps and stamp the words directly on the bag.  Tie the top of the bag with the white satin-edged grosgrain.



Create a cardstock base for your card and add a strip of the orange scalloped grosgrain along the bottom.  Tie a large bow and adhere to the side.  Attach two of the lava lamp images and stamp the sentiment in place.



Now you have a complete and ADORABLE little Lava Lamp Party set!  Have fun and eat a cupcake for me!


Blog post by: Jingle

  1. Iris s

    What a lovely project! Great swap with OCL AND MAY ARTS!

  2. DeniseB

    Love your colors!

  3. Kas

    LOVE this.

  4. Shartl

    AWK! These lava lamp images are so fun!! Love it!

  5. indy

    Lava lamp stamps!! Fun! Love the colors and the orange ribbon!

  6. Anita A

    This is so cool! I love lava lamps!

  7. Wendy aka Roo

    Coolio & The Gang!!! What an Awesome project!!!

  8. sue w.

    I like all the lava lamp projects! and that wrinkle ribbon looks groovy, too.
    stamping sue

  9. Aki

    Aw, it looks so fun~ How cute~ ♥

  10. Mumsie

    Love that groovy card! The orange ribbon is perfect.

  11. Kelly Braund

    So adorable!

  12. Sandra ltb

    love the lamps !
    Sandra ltb

  13. Vera Yates

    This is such a fun idea! Cute banners!

  14. Janet Sisk

    What a cool idea! Love the card and banner.

  15. Karen K

    I like the things you created with this unique stamp. I can’t say I have seen this type of stamp before.

  16. Debbie Fisher

    What a fun party set!!

  17. Kathy P

    Whoa….those stamps are not my style, but that ribbon is ROCKING me!

  18. Tanya P

    This is adorable! And I LOVE that ribbon, I love orange and never see it enough.

  19. natasha g.p.

    How groovy, I love it!!

  20. sharon gullikson

    What a cute banner. Nice 60s touch.

  21. b. poteraj

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the lava lamps!

  22. Sue D

    Nice ensemble of lava lamp projects–great coloring too.

  23. Charlene

    Groovy, Jingle!

  24. SLachan

    What a great stamp set – I want it! Thanks for sharing.

  25. lisa808

    Groovy set & project!

  26. Kelley

    I always wanted a lava lamp when I was a kid. However, as I was too young to work and my parents wouldn’t buy one for me, I’ll make do with this one! It is so much fun. Thanks for the memories!

  27. MARIA

    such a retro idea1 love it and just love how the gift bag and card match!!

  28. Lori Barnett

    That is GROOVY!! FAR OUT! 🙂

  29. Holly Tolman

    What a great idea, someone will be quite pleased to receive this set.


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