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Labor Day Weekend Giveaway – Winner!

Happy Friday all!  This isn't just any Friday either.  It's a Friday before a loooong weekend, labor day weekend to be specific!  The official end of summer.  *sigh*  I, for one, will miss these beautifully, sunshiny, seemingly endless days.   I sure hope you all have some fabulous plans for this weekend.  Your very own way of saying goodbye to summer!  

For this giveaway, we are going to keep it simple & sweet….'cause I really don't want to keep you from your fabulous weekend plans!  😉  Just post a comment here telling us what your weekend plans are! 


Tell us all about it & enter to win:


3 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!



For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too! 

I will post a winner on Tuesday, September 6th.


And have a Very Happy Labor Day!!!!


-The Ribbon Lady!


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


24. Janet Mack  September 3, 2011 @ 8:17 AM

"We just finished redoing our kitchen and baths so I am still putting things back."


Janet, email email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.

  1. SLachan

    putting the finishing touches to my daughter’s 5th birthday!

  2. Starqueen

    It was a busy holiday/end of summer send-off!
    My baby sister turned 50 on Labor Day and we celebrated with a great pool party. Fun all around!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Busybee from Color Divine Gifts

    WOO HOO!

  4. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    i am finishing the project I started of purging and scrapping in the evening.

  5. Debbie Painter

    Watching old movies & getting caught up on long over due cleaning!! Nothing to exciting but relaxing & productive at that!!

  6. k.craig

    Unfortunately, I have to work all weekend and monday, but I’ll have a little time to create some cards and such. Maybe do a little organizing in my craft room!

  7. connie melancon

    well we were suppose to have a family BBQ and swimming party but Tropical Storm Lee had others ideas…3rd day of rain and wind…..on a positive note our “LSU Tigers won last night!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

  8. Barbara A.

    Well my new craft/sewing room is finally ready WHOO-HOO!!!! Now I can haul everything in my tiny office/bedroom downstairs to my new craft/sewing room! So excited!!!

  9. Sue McRae

    We made homemade pizza last night and watched some movies. Today it’s crafting time and then over to my sisters for supper.

  10. Gloria Westerman

    This is my DH and I anniversary of 7 yrs….and he’s taking me shopping…..YES!!! And then to dinner…..and maybe a movie…..
    I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!!!!

  11. Cheryl Leong

    I’m enjoying the weekend!!! Scrapping , playing with ribbons… Spending time outside with my family

  12. Granny Sandy

    hi there, Ir’s actually Fathers Day here this weekend and not Labor Day so we are honouring our Dad’s this weekend.
    bless you,
    [email protected]

  13. linda lederhos

    I am going to get my gradaughter and go pick huckleberries with her. Then I am going to make some fresh huckleberry turn overs. Yum !!

  14. Renee J.

    We will be doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that….’hoping to get together with friends, too!

    Yes, I would like to see and feel some Fall weather….that would be so nice!!

    Thank you for the chance to win these goodies! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. TracyM #6773

    Father’s Day over here – got to “skype” my Dad and talk to my Grandpa too 🙂
    … what a small world – my parents live in Rochester, Victoria, Australia and Rita (comment #59) went to Rochester NY!!!

  16. Gretchen

    Hiking tomorrow – otherwise just relaxin by the pool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Lin

    Well, I’ll be packing for a trip early next week to visit our grandchildren in Texas! From there we will drive up into the Rockies, visit Yellowstone, and come home 3 weeks later via Mt. Rushmore! From the 100’s in TX to maybe 30’s in Yellowstone, I have to have a little of everything, and so my weekend will be spent getting everything together. I LOVE your ribbons and trims – thanks so much for the chance to win some!!

  18. Julie

    I will be hanging out with family and friends. Loving every minute.

  19. Kim Wright

    I am working all weekend. Am a nurse so it is my turn to work. But that’s ok. Still enjoying these last few sunny days of summer.

  20. Ria Johnson

    I just posted this on Facebook, too!

  21. Ria Johnson

    Saturday: Thrift store and yard sale shopping. I got a free bicycle and some great deals at Sal’s Boutique (Salvation Army).

    Sunday: Working around the house, making cards, and doing yard work.

    Monday: We are having family over for a get-together. Instead of a BBQ, they are bringing pizza! Yay for that. They are mainly coming over to see our new doggie that we adopted from the Humane Society last weekend.

  22. natasha g.p.

    I’m going to be working and having a bbq with my friends.

  23. b. poteraj

    I’m going to be painting my house. FUN! Not…

  24. sharon gullikson

    I plan to make some crafts—-a dishwasher clean sign, some cards….

  25. Rita

    Thanks for the opporunity for a chance to win.

    I traveled from Florida to Rochester, NY first to get out of the heat and humidity for a little bit and second to host a Labor Day party for my family. The rest of the weekend is shopping all the great Labor Day sales.

    In Florida, we’re happy to see the Fall come and get back to some tolerable heat and humidity. Sorry, but it’s been way too hot and humid this year!

    Happy Labor Day to all!

  26. Heather - housesbuiltofcards

    Going to a birthday party for my nephew, doing some gardening, and definately some crafting!!!

  27. alice hancock

    Arts & crafts with my grandaughter!

  28. terriavidreader

    My plans are just packing up my living room getting ready for new carpet to be installed!! Yea, it’s been a long time!

  29. Denise Bryant

    I have to work Saturday and Sunday, but I’m off on Monday. We will be BBQing I’m sure! No company coming, just the 2 of us. Hectic weekend for those of us who work in a grocery store!


  30. Kelly L

    No big plans for the weekend- I’ve been purging scrap supplies today – my craft room is kinda scary!

  31. Janet Sisk

    My in-laws are in town visiting us this weekend. We live in MI and they live in TN. They come once a year so we are sight-seeing and shopping. 😀

  32. Milly D

    Back to school shopping with my kids, the Labor day sales are great.
    Enjoying the pool and having a great BBQ.

  33. Annette A.

    Nothing big.. just enjoying all the sales at the stores…and working on our yard…keeping safe.. thanks for the fun giveaway..

  34. Maria

    Heading to the lake!!

  35. Karen K

    Working all weekend including Monday 🙁 but at least I get off early enough Sunday to cue up some delicious food.

  36. Barb King

    Well, the dining room table is covered with my papers, stamps and ribbon, so I guess I’d better get craftin’. I’m making some mixed media tags with vintage photos, fun!

  37. Kelly Overcast

    I plan to enjoy this labor free weekend just relaxing and coloring some.

  38. Linda Slattery

    Wow, what a fabulous prize! Plans? I have none except to try to get off this computer and get in my craft room to try to get some organizing and crafting done. Thank you for a chance to win.

  39. Stacey

    Going to be cleaning up the yard after a visit from Hurricane Irene. After that, I’m hoping to get some crafting in!

  40. Diana N.

    I put all my rubber stamps away on some brand new custom built shelves. I will probably do some shopping and maybe yardwork. Oh, and I have some cards to finish up.

  41. Kristie Maynard

    This weekend will be a special one for me. My niece is in from Florida and my sisters in law and I are having a bridal shower for her on Sunday. I haven’t seen her since Christmas time and can’t wait! My other niece (in law) will be coming and bringing my newest great niece with her, Sienna is almost 2 weeks old and she is gorgeous.

  42. Kim H

    The family will be grilling this weekend, and then taking a short roadtrip to enjoy the last days summer. We will goto a scenic spot to take pictures (to scrapbook), watercolor, and have a picnic. Hope everyone has a safe & happy labor Day!

  43. Iris S

    Thanks a lot for a great chance to win! Love ribbons and adore your ribbons a lot!
    No plans- just to rest and to craft.


    my plans are to put things away. we just moved, and there is so much to do. maybe…just maybe we might be able to get creative doing something…

  45. Emily

    I’m going to RELAX and spend time with my family! Maybe go see some fireworks 🙂

  46. Lynn d

    hopping the web for inspiration and then some papercrafting, yeah! It is over 100 degrees outside so I’ll stay in and craft!

  47. Denise Coulter

    My husband has been working 15 hr days this week so we are just going to relax and stay home this weekend.

  48. Emily K

    I had planned on going to a brewery tour, but we are so rained in due being in a tropical storm. So now I might just scrapbook for the weekend. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. SuZeQ

    Saying goodbye to dear friends that have been here for a week visiting and seeing the sights. That’s what will happen here this weekend … and then topped off with a BBQ at my daughter and son-in-law’s home on Monday. WHEN will the temps cool down though?

  50. Dana W

    My plans are to sleep in, relax, get all my crafting projects done!! AND enjoy Monday off!!

  51. Cynthia B.

    We’ve traveled to Austin TX for a soccer tourney for my son (and hubby is their coach!). Not looking forward to the heat…they’ve already played their first game at 9 am and it’s 93 degrees! Thanks for the chance to win…now THAT would be cool, for a change!
    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  52. Marie / Legojenta

    I’ve been working today, and plan on doing some crafting tomorrow =)

  53. Marie Otake

    It’s my last weekend of being on maternity leave so this weekend will be filled with family time!!

  54. Monika/buzsy

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! We are mostly staying put… but hopefully go the a local flee market tomorrow! :o)

  55. Sue D

    We are catching up on outside work, I need to make some cards for the church card ministry and we will visit my son and family while they are camping by the lake and have a cookout.

  56. Lillian Child

    We have 40+ family members coming over for a bbq at our house … lots of food, games, laughter and memories in the making!

  57. Kathy P

    My DH is out of the country on a business trip, and so I am planning on spending a lot of the weekend scrapping, organizing my stash, and a little gardening if it’s not too hot! Boring, huh?

  58. Laura

    So looking forward to the long weekend with friends, family and fun! My son is playing football Saturday which we are following up with a cookout and pool party in the evening. I hope to fit in some crafting time on Sunday and just relax doing nothing on Monday! Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for the chance to add to my beautiful May Arts ribbon stash!

  59. Rebecca Ednie

    Today my family and I are joining my BFF and her family at their campsite. Sunday I have to repair the tent over my son’s crib, he broke the zipper trying to escape, and go to church. Monday I am sorting out my boys outgrown clothes and organizing them for their baby brother due in December. If I have time, I’ll make back-to-school cards and bookmarks for both boys.

  60. Janet Mack

    We just finished redoing our kitchen and baths so I am still putting things back.

  61. Adriane C

    We are going out to dinner with some friends and of course relaxing and enjoying the long weekend.

  62. Lucy

    Still recuperating from Hurricane Irene, so no other plans for this weekend. Relax sounds good to me!

  63. sue w.

    Just plan to stay home and enjoy having power!!! after hurricane Irene. might even make a couple of halloween or christmas cards to get a head start on my card making.
    stamping sue

  64. Melinda Wilson

    We have a community festival going on so part of the weekend will be spent at the Butterbean Festival. The rest of the week will be spent relaxing!

  65. Pam

    I plan to enjoy my final days off before school starts by making cards and mini albums. Just relaxing and enjoying.

  66. Sav O'G

    Nothing really big planned here–hubs has to work so I’m cleaning and grocery shopping. I might even do some laundry!! LOL! Thanks so much for the chance to win–sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  67. Victoria

    I “plan” to tidy up my art spot! Do some yard work, grill and read.

  68. erin t

    I posted on FB, but I’m a working stiff all weekend, hope everyone else has a fun long weekend.

  69. jennifer reynard

    I don’t have anything exciting planned but am happy my husband will be home for the weekend! Shall spend time with him and do yard work. The leaves are already falling in our yard! Yikes!!

  70. Kelly massman

    Hoping to spend a little time with my hubby and scrapbooking, of course! Thanks!

  71. JenMarie

    Got to work a few hours Saturday, will go to church on Sunday… then just relaxing on Monday!

  72. Cardcrazed (Karen G)

    My weekend plans are to continue doggie sitting for a friend who’s away at a wedding. I plan on getting some stamping done, maybe even work on some cards:)

  73. LinhC

    Our plans are to ride bicycles downtown and at the state park, if the weather holds. We’re supposed to get rain from tropical storm Lee.

  74. Aki

    Did I miss something here? Aw, what a great giveaway! Hm… I don’t have any plans, because my school year has started

  75. Tanya P

    Sadly no plans, hubby is working. I will probably make a couple of cards.

  76. Mumsie

    I just got back from a camping outing so maybe I will get some time to scrapbook!

  77. Becky Garr;ison

    We are staying home and staying safe. And hoping Lee (the storm) brings us some much needed rain and cooler temps. If it rains, then that means play time in my studio!!!

  78. Christine Dring

    We are leaving tomorrow to the beach in NC! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait! thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Anita Y.

    I’m going to celebrate my birthday on Sunday!!! 😀

  80. Anita A

    I will be hopefully crafting and helping hubby get ready for a big event at local air musuem.

  81. Nicole

    I’m taking a road trip with my family to see some other family members and friends in Ohio. Good food, good people, and some cooler weather than we’ve been having here in Tennessee!

  82. Jennifer

    I work in a school system and I have a four-day weekend and my plans are to simply enjoy it! And the day after Labor Day is my husband’s birthday so I’m hoping we can celebrate Monday night!

  83. DeeDee Catron

    Weekend plans include but not limited to laughing, loving, counting the holes in my eyelids, snacking on some foodage, lovin’ some fur babies, snuggling the Mr, and teaching the skin baby to crawl instead of scoot. yeah .. that sounds about right 🙂


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