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Hello all!  This is a project I did for Mother's Day, but it could be used for a birthday or holiday etc.  It took a lot of work but it turned out beautiful!!



 This year for Mother's Day I felt it was important to create this keepsake book for my mom.  There are 7 children in my family and I asked each one of them to write some of their precious feelings about my mother's talents.



This book is made up of some very thin wooden pages.  After getting all the written work from my family I decided I needed more pages so I got a second book so are eight pages, 2 each of the same pattern.



I used aerosol spray glue so that the paper would become part of the wood by sanding it.



I used my distress ink to go around the edges of the wooden pages as well as the front edges of the paper to give it that nice vintage aged look.  Here are some close up pictures of this. 



Notice the aging on the corner edges.  This paper originally looked like this picture below.



One of the most difficult things about this book is that it has the square openings.  This makes it beautiful and unique, however you have to be careful when placing things so that it doesn't show when you don't want it to, and also be able to incorporate what you want to show through, and also making it look nice on the actual page the embellishment is on.  Here is a sample of the window and the page behind it close up.



I also wanted everyone's name on his or her page so my mom would know which child wrote which pages.  It was also a bit challenging to take what they had written and make if fit on the page and not just look ordinary and one typed block in the middle but have a nice layout and incorporate their names as well.



Here are some pictures of the pages together.



Notice the orange ribbon.  This ribbon goes all the way around the page.  Here's a view from both sides.



May Arts has some awesome choices in burlap.  Check out the QW11 burlap loop I've used on these pages.  Plus guess how many other colors it comes in?  Ten colors!!!!  How cool is that?!



These two pages were things written by the grandkids.



This NK16 olive ribbon also goes all the way around on this page.  Below I have connected it to the bottom stanza.



Here I used some wooden tags for my name and the word mother.  I covered them with paper; distress inked the edges and tied some lovely ribbon through the hole.



These family history stickers by Stamping Station were absolutely perfect here making it look like silhouettes of my mom's seven children.



This rose turned out really cute using the EM32 gold net. I also used SM33-string burlap and threaded it through the 361-58-10 crochet.


This came together really nicely even though I'm a novice at page layouts.


Other products I used were from:

  • The Paper Loft
  • The Paper Studio
  • The Stamping Station


May Arts ribbon used:


Thanks for joining me today!  I hope this gives you some good inspiration for some of your projects.  Don't forget we love to hear your comments!!!


Blog post by: Andrea Miller

  1. sharon gullikson

    That must have taken foooooooooorrrever! So beautiful though……Nice job.

  2. Debra Renwick

    Just luv this book,beautiful !!!!!

  3. Helen LeBrett

    That’s an amazing project!! I’ll bet your mother cherishes it!! (I’ll bet she even cried when she opened it!!) It’s a wonderful book that you did for your Mom, and I’m sure that it shows her how much you love her. It makes me wish my mom was still with us (she died when I was 34, 18 years ago and I still miss her!!) If I can be half as good as she was, I’ll be happy!! I went through every picture you posted, and from reading what was written, I’ll bet you are LDS. Am I right? thanks for sharing your inspirational piece!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Charlene

    Beautiful keepsake!

  5. sue w.

    what a great book…..lots of detail.
    stamping sue

  6. Kristie Maynard

    What a wonderful project. So many beautiful techniques etc involved in this. Just gorgeous! TFS

  7. Jean

    What an incredible project! It shows so much love and thought – a forever gift. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Sandy

    What an amazing gift! I know it took loads and loads of time to make, but I’m sure she will treasure it forever.

    I loved reading the bits of testimonies. What a blessing to have a godly mother.


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