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My name is Jenifer Cowles and I live in a small town in Idaho.  I work in the IT Department for a small city by day and Scrap and Sew after the kiddos go to sleep by night.  I have 3 cutie pies who give me tons to scrap about, ages ranging from 13-7.  I have been doing some sort of crafting my entire life and my day just doesn't feel complete without making something.  I love a challenge and can make just about anything.  My projects just don't feel complete without a little bit, or a lot of ribbon on them.

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Some of Jenifer's favorite projects are shown below:

Spring Wreath

Hot Air Balloons

Notes Layout


  1. Lucy E.

    Congrats! Your projects are all adorable!

  2. Carol B.

    Congratulations on your selection to the design team, Jenifer.  I look forward to seeing your designs.

  3. Janis in ID

    What lovely colors you use!!!

    <3 J

  4. Brenda B.

    Stunning projects, Jennifer! Can't wait to see more of your projects. 

  5. Iris Soscia

    Cute projects/

  6. Toni Storie

    Love the beautiful wreath and hot air balloons!

  7. marylouh

    Welcome to the team.    Love the wreath and the hot air baloons.   Looking forward to more great projects.     I'm not a scrapbooker so I'm hoping for more cards or projects.

  8. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven)

    Oh yes.  I remember the hot air balloons.. So very cute.  Congrats and Welcome 


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