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Jar Top Pin Cushion

Welcome, May Arts fans!  Today I will be showing you how to create an adorable little jar top pin cushion using fabulous ribbon from May Arts, a scrap of fabric, a jar, and some Helmar adhesives!


Begin by applying Zap Dots evenly around the clean, glass jar.  Create whatever design you would like with them.

Remove the plastic lining to reveal the sticky side and then add fun flock to the dots.  I used the snow white flock for a pretty white dotted line around my jar.

Run a long gathering stitch all the way around the fabric circle about ½ inch from the edge of the fabric.  Gather the circle into a little ball, stuff, and stitch the bottom together.

Add a generous amount of Helmar Craft Glue or 405 to the lid of the jar.  I used Craft Glue because I was out of 405.  The 405 dries faster, so you have to work very quickly, but it’s nice that it dries super fast!  Adhere the fabric ball to the lid, stitched side down.

Using Helmar Scrap Dots adhere the May Arts twill around the rim of the lid, keeping it close to the cushion.

Add a few pins and you have an adorable little jar top pin cushion!  Store little notions inside the jar for easy access!  Have a happy May Arts and Helmar kind of day!!!!

Blog post by: Jingle

  1. Melinda Wilson

    Wonderful idea!

  2. Jennifer H.

    What a great idea! And it includes storage…a plus in my book!

  3. Tammy V

    What a great idea! Thanks!

  4. Boni Grabusky

    Great idea and I have so many jars 🙂

  5. jackie s

    Fantastic idea. My pins are scattered in a drawer. Would be perfect with a baby food jar too

  6. Monika/buzsy

    Neat! Loe the flock on the jar. :o)

  7. ellen s

    so awesome!!! i so need to make one of these!

  8. Kathy P

    Such a cute idea…like the tutorial!~

  9. Sue D

    Very cute and practical–I like the flocked dots.

  10. Susan

    I can think of a ton of uses for these jars! I just love the flocking on the dots. I can think of many uses for that alone! Thanks for sharing these ideas. I can’t wait to go through my recycle bin and pull jars…

  11. debb

    Love it!

  12. Marie

    I don’t even sew, but I love this idea for decor!!

  13. rush

    nice idea. thank you for sharing.

  14. {vicki}


  15. Stacy Caddy

    Very cute… I would store my buttons in the jar… TFS!!!

  16. Christine Dring

    What a fun (and super easy) idea! TFS!

  17. Carol Douglass

    That is so cute, and so easy. Thanks for sharing.

  18. scrapalajen

    Oooh, what a cool way to recycle and re-use empty glass jars!

  19. Amanda Coleman

    I have seen this idea around, but have not seen a tutorial. The picture tutorial is fantastic! I’m off to craft!

  20. Kristie Maynard

    What a great idea. I could use one of these in my craft room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Me-Ma Kim

    VERY CLEVER!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Miriam Prantner

    A perfect jar for buttons! Thanks!

  23. Holly Tolman

    this looks like it was fun to put together!

  24. Kelly Sas

    I LOVE and collect pin cushions. While this is a basic pin cushion, I love how you decorated the jar itself. Great idea!!!

  25. Anita A

    What a cute idea!

  26. Jayne

    Very nice – thanks for the tutorial!

  27. Ange

    Fun idea!

  28. Donna O'Neil

    What a super cute idea!

  29. Mary-Anne V.

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial…this would be a great gift for my mom. Thanks for the chance to win some great adhesive.

  30. Jeyatha

    sooooooooo cute.. I would love to do this for my button jar..


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