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It’s a zoo out there…

So you had better look cute right? If you have kids then you have probably been on numerous trips to your local zoo. We make multiple trips each year to our local zoo. My four year old daughter lives for these trips. She even thinks of what to wear on our many trips.  Some of her criteria for an outfit includes that it must be an animal print and be super cute. We usually will stop and buy just about anything that fit these standards.  Well…mama isn’t made of money so I’ve come up with some ideas on how to alter the things we already have to make some great zoo couture.

Below you will see my duo of altered items to fit her zoo couture. Who doesn’t love a match right? Check out my pleated headband with matching headband. She had an abundance of white t-shirts that a family friend had given us. I grabbed one up to alter for this project. My headband was $3 at Target also.

altered shirt


Materials you will need for the headband:

  • Headband: black from Target
  • 4 straight pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wool felt: You’ll need a piece in a coordinating color about 2”x3”.  I use the kind from Papertrey ink
  • Sewing machine with black thread
  • Fabri-tac adhesive by Beacon Adhesives

Here are your materials pictured below:

For the headband:

You want to first create a pleated design. See the picture below. The 364-25-10 has a nice wired edge which helps keep that pleat in place until you’re ready to pin or getting the second piece ready.

altered shirt

Next you want to take that animal print 344-11 and tuck between the pleats. Add your pins along the center to hold it all in place.

altered shirt

Sewing time! I did four row of sewing on mine in order to ensure a secure pleat. This will make it all one piece. You can pull those pins out and that part is done.

altered shirt

Using your hot glue gun you’ll attach this pleated piece to your headband. You can test the placement by making a tiny mark while on someone’s head.

Once the pleat is cooled get your piece of 2”x3” and your fabri-tac and place a good amount of adhesive on the back. You’ll place this on the inside of the headband along the backside of you pleated piece. This will give your piece a finished touch and more support.

altered shirt

Lastly for your twill ribbon QN76 I created a bow by making bunny ears and tying like you would your shoes. You will give the ends a tug and pull here and there to get a tight bow. I added a dot of glue where the knot of the bow will be and tacked it down to the pleated piece. Trim the ends of your ribbon at a 45 degree angle. Your last step is to give those twill ribbon tails a dot of hot glue to hold them down.
Easy Peasy!

For the tank you’ll follow these three easy steps.

Materials you will need for the shirt:

  • White T-shirt or black would work well too.
  • Sewing machine
  • 30 or so straight pins
  • Confidence 😉

altered shirt

Unravel you ribbon spool so that you will be able to work with it better. You want to stitch down the center in order to create a ruffle. You will tug at one thread to do this. I used two pieces of 344-11 about 18” long and a piece of 344-78-11 along the collar of the tank. Ruffle all three pieces.

Next you will pin your first large ruffle in place and sew along your previous line. Then you repeat this step while tucking the second large ruffle under the first and stitching it on in the same manner.

Last add your smaller ruffle doing the same thing with pinning and sewing. To finish it off add the bow using QN76. I hand stitched this on, making sure to go through the knot.

Last here is a quick layout I created using a mix of these ribbons and the other two animal prints you can get from May Arts.

Thanks so much for joining me today on my photo tutorial. Have a great one!

Blog Posted By: Latrice Murphy

  1. Leah

    FAB-U-losity! I really wish I could pull off an animal print headband like that! tooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jessica Stott

    First of all – your daughter is a doll. Secondly – what an AWESOME suggestion! I love that you added such boutique glam to every day items. Totally using this idea for my daughter (and myself, for that matter)! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Lexi

    She does have the look of confidence! 🙂 VERY cute…I don’t think my 2 boys would go for it, but momma likes!!

  4. Andrea Miller

    Absolutely darling!!

  5. jen shears

    too cute!! ruffles ARE all the rage!!

  6. samantha sibbet

    Latrice, my girls would go nuts over this outfit. They would just LOVE it! I may need to get a hold of those ribbons and get to sewing.

  7. Charlene



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