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Island Vacation Giveaway – Winner!

On Thursday, I will be headed off on my first ‘sans little dude’ vacation since he came in to my life 8 years ago.  While he will without a doubt be missed, we are also looking forward to a little quiet time on this beautiful island:


But, fear not, I have lots of fun & inspiration planned for you while I’m gone!  Including this giveaway.  :-)

There are two ways to win:

  1. To enter to win 2 spools of ribbon, your choice, post a comment here telling us where your favorite vacation desination is!
  2. For each day we will be gone (Thursday – Monday), I will post a picture from our trip on our Facebook Page.   Post a comment under that picture.  Each day, I will select one winner to receive 1 spool of ribbon.

The Facebook picture winners will be announced on Facebook only, but the winner of blog portion of the giveaway will be posted right here on Tuesday, May 21st!

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We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

Lucy E.
It’s hard to pick a favorite vacation spot. I loved the beaches, Light houses and small towns of eastern Michigan. I also love the golf coast of Florida. But my favorite has to be the trip out west to the Rockies-Those mountains are awesome!!! Have a great time!

Lucy, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming*


  1. Lucy E.

    Ooohhh! That's me! I am happy dancing! I just emailed you with all of my info.! Thanks!!!

  2. Gigi Black

    Oh, it has to be Maui.  It's the best place in paradise!

  3. Kailash

    I would love to visit Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan!!!

  4. Beverly Jordan

    I just love the warm water of the beaches in Florida! Love to snorkle too! I guess the Florida Keys would be my favorite due them having both options of beaches and snorkling! 🙂

  5. Joan artsiegirl

    Love, love, love the Outer Banks NC!  Great beaches there.  I really want to visit Ireland one day.  

  6. Mandie Wade

    We went to Antigua for our Honeymoon and it was AMAZING!!!! I would love to go back there again someday!

  7. sandeeNC

    I'm looking forward to going to Florida again this summer, but my favorite spot so far has been Hawaii ♥

  8. Mary Lou H

    Hope you have a great vacation.   I just had a mini-vacation at a scrapbook retreat this weekend.     If I could re-visit someplace I'd like it to be Africa.    It was rugged but beautiful.

  9. Kyra Sands

    Back to Buenos Aires would be nice!

  10. Laura Plunk Davis

    Our favorite place is right here close to home The Southern Oregon Coast….  enjoy your vacation

  11. Amy Jones

    I’ve never really been on a getaway. So I’m not sure. I have been on vacation back to CA to see my family so I would have to say that’s my favorite. Hope your enjoying yourself.

  12. Lori Williams

    My favorite getaway is Low Country in South Carolina.  The mix of marsh and beach are just inspiring.  Not long now and I'll be heading that way…watch out Harbor Island here I come.  Have fun on your getaway and enjoy!.

  13. Janis

    I love going to the beach on the Oregon coast.  The water is cold, but it is not crowded and it's fun to go beachcombing for shells and pretty rocks.

  14. Toni Storie

    I love to go to Thailand.  Good food, good people and great scenery!

  15. Michele

    Quartz Creek camp grounds on Keni Lake, in Cooper's Landing Alaska is my favorite, then the Big Island of Hawaii beaches on the west side of the island, then Port Townsend Washington at the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins in Discovery Bay … next Vacation spot destination… Italy!

  16. Jeannie (blue)

    I dream of going to Ireland.  While in reality, I love to relax at a friends beautiful and serene Chincoteague Bay house.

  17. Carmen

    It used to be the Big Horn Mtns Wyoming, but I have really enjoyed our last two February trips to Florida

  18. Cynthia Rose

    My favorite place to vacation is anywhere I have not been yet!

  19. Marilyn Tucker

    I love camping in the mountains and going to PA to visit family.

  20. Conni Reinecke

    I love to go to Maui!!!

  21. Kimberly S.

    I love to vacation in the beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada…and Punta Cana, DR!!

  22. Emily H

    Destination is hard.  I haven't been a lot of places.  My favorite vacation is camping with my husband.

  23. Miriam Prantner

    Nova Scotia, love it there!

  24. Jingle

    I am a big fan of Wells, Maine!  The beach and lobster and ice cream.  *sigh*  Vacation perfection!

  25. Darlene Gabriel

    Have a wonderful time away. Looks like a beauriful beach to relax and rejuvenate on.  My favouite would definitely be Hawaii (Waikiki or the island of Kawaii).

  26. Celeste B.

    I have been so many places and don't think I have a favorite. It is always fun to explore and learn about new destinations.

  27. Rebecca Ednie

    My favourite destination is Disney world. 

  28. Julie Gastelum

    Disneyland…would like to visit other places, just haven't visited many so far.

  29. Maureen Hayes

    Sanibel Island was the most gorgeous vacation I was ever on.  The beach was beautiful, the sunsets breathtaking and the shells were awesome to collect!  I wish I were there now!

  30. Leslie Nikulka

    Although it's a challenge for me to travel, I would so love to see Newfoundland/Labrador and the Bay of Fundy all on the East Coast of my own Country, Canada. …sigh… 🙂

  31. Charlotte Buckingham

    Probably camping on the Oregon Coast, although that picture looks pretty good too! 

  32. Penny Laschanzky

    I am a travel fanatic, so picking just one place is tough.  But I LOVE Hawaii for the ocean, beauty, scenery, laid-back times, etc.  I love London or Paris for the city life, museums, architecture, visiting a culture and country different from ours. 

  33. Leanora Ortiz

    My favorite place in the world is Paris,France. There is no place I would rather be. The museums,the architecture, the pastries, the fashion……. It's truly a feminine city. Oh so pretty!

  34. Robin Buchholz

    I would love to go to Tahiti and stay in one those huts out on the water. It looks sooo beautiful!

  35. Melinda Wilson

    My favorite vacation spot is "anywhere" a cruise ship will take me"!!! (except Carnival Cruise LIne right now LOL).  If I can't go on a ship, I love going to Panama City Beach where the beaches are gorgeous!!

  36. Nikki C

    Love the beach at dusk for a nice long walk been only to the ocean once and it was to cold to enjoy it but it was fantastic to sea!! lol thanks for the chance hugs Nikki

  37. Barb Anderson Wagar

    My favorite Vacation destination is Long Beach, West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the summer!  Beautiful there!

  38. Ava Gavloski

    Bethney, have a great time on your vacation and i think this was a great question to ask, i have read everyone's post.  Very interesting.  I have done a bit of travelling and each place is very interesting.  You look like you are going tropical, unless that was to side track us… Are you going where Wm and Katie honeymoon'd?  I have retured to Costa Rica 5 years in a row.  It's all about travelling buddies, families and friends who say lets go… you just go and have a great time.  Enjoy your time.

  39. Denise Bryant

    Disneyland is my favorite vacation spot. I never tire of going there… love it! Haven't been in about 6 years, so I am overdue to go! Planning on an early Decembrer trip because I want to see the park all decked out for the holidays!

  40. Sharon Gullikson

    I'm thinking Big Sur State Park–we love to camp there.

  41. Jennifer Heilmann

    We love to go to Pismo Beach, California. It is "forever summer" there.

  42. karenladd

    Have a wonderful time!! My favorite vacation spot is Yosemite National Park. It's only a fairly short drive from my house and is always so spectacular.

  43. NWFlamingo

    My very favorite place I've ever been was the Galapagos Islands, but the Oregon coast is a closer, and nice, alternative!

  44. Diane Valentine

    Maui, Maui and oh yeah….MAUI!

  45. Christine Dring

    Have fun on your trip! My favorite place is Topsail Island, NC. We've been renting a beach house there for the past 5 years and absolutely love it! Thanks for the chance!

  46. Annette Allen

    my favorite place is Maui.. but would love to go to Bora Bora.. one day.. Have a nice vacation..

  47. Teresa Godines #6857

    for a quick get away we love to go to Lake Tahoe.  but for longer trips I enjoy the coast.  

  48. Dana

    My favorite vacation spot is Orange Beach, Alabama.  We have so many wonderful memories of vacations spent there and now my sister lives there so that makes it even better.

  49. Sue O


    To be honest, I have never been on a vacation! I have spent the odd weekend in Prince Edward Island Canada. But have never been outside of Canada. I would love to be able to take a vacation somewhere wonderful, that my husband & I could consider a Honeymoon, that we never had either. Thank you so very much for the chance to win & I hope that you enjoy your vacation!                                                                        Sue O

  50. Misty Swearingen

    I would LOVE to visit Scotland for an adult only vacation. But I think we are YEARS away from that since my youngest is only 20 mos! I can dream, though!

  51. Krissy

    My absolutely favorite vacation destination is London, England!  My hubs surprised me with a trip there before we had kids – I can't wait to return and take the kids with us!  Someday…..

  52. Lucy E.

    It's hard to pick a favorite vacation spot. I loved the beaches, Light houses and small towns of eastern Michigan. I also love the golf coast of Florida. But my favorite has to be the trip out west to the Rockies-Those mountains are awesome!!! Have a great time!

  53. Jean Marmo

    Love getting away to our cottage on a little lake!

  54. Cheryl Hutcherson

    My favorite vacation destination is Gulf Shores, AL because that was our first vacation as a family!  We now have a new member to our family, so we're hoping to get back there this year (after not being able to go for the last 2 years)!  Enjoy!!

  55. Jessica Toulmin

    I bet you'll love it!!!

    My favorite vacation desination is not somewhere I have been, but somewhere I really want to go. I want to spend time in the New Zealand's South Island areas of Milford Sound, Fiordland, Stewart Ialsnd, Queenstown, Wanaka – just enjoying the natural beauty and taking lots of photos to document our trip!

  56. mamichelle

    Hawaii is my favorite spot.  Thanks for the chance!  Have fun on your vacation.

  57. Donna W

    we go to Myrtle Beach or daytona beach – have to have at least two weeks of listening to the ocean a year.

  58. KellyG

    How awesome for you!  As much as you will miss your 'little' one, it will be a great way to re-charge!  Have fun!  I love Hawaii!!

  59. Tamalene Nelson

    Hawaii would be my first pick but I also love Cabo San Luca's Mexico. Right now any where tropical sounds wonderful.


  60. Mary Lou H

    I would love to go back to Ireland and see more of that country.   It's rugged and beautiful.

  61. holly

    My husband and I went to Grand Cayman to celebrate our 35th.  It was the most peaceful and beautiful place in the world.  

  62. NinaN

    I never go on vacation, so I don't have a favorite spot. But wherever it is would have to look a lot like that picture! Sun, sand and sea for me!

  63. Ronda A.

    London is the best spot for me…but your beach looks tempting!  All one needs to enjoy London is a tube pass and Frommer's Guide to have a great time, no car or taxi needed.

  64. Karen L K

    Enjoy your vacation! My favorite place is the Lake Tahoe area. So many alpine lakes to see that are just beautiful.

  65. Lorraine Melin

    We love to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the winter!

  66. Sandy

    England will always be at the very top of my favorite places to vacation.

  67. Jackie S

    I'd have to say my favorite place to vacation is Paris. Went with my hubby years ago and just recently took my daughter for her birthday. Wonderful memories each time

  68. Tammy

    Nantucket!! And of course my dear Vermont:)

  69. Sandi Dailey

    Italy has been on the top of my list for about 5 years now — and I'm hoping next year will be the year.  I also want to visit Greece and Paris (for the art!!).  Maybe I will take 2 months and go to all of the places at once (after I win the lotto!!).

  70. Shanna Shands

    I agree any beach with clear pretty waters!!!! Have a wonderful vacation!!!! 

  71. {vicki}

    The Beach—

    any beach, i love the Beach

    i wish I was at the beach right now!

    We usually go to Gulf Shores or Panama City.

  72. Sue McRae

    My fave vacation was in Hawaii. Would love to go back and visit some of the smaller islands.

  73. Buffy Esser

    I've never really had a real vacation..LOL But I have lived in some lovely vacation locations.Like Virginia Beach was awesome ,watching the dolphins play at sunrise was one of my favorite times,then there was Maine,just beautiful in fall. Right now I live close to Wisconsin Dells what they call the waterpark capital of the world! I hope you enjoy your trip!

  74. Verna Angerhofer

    I would love to tour the USA. Being farmers, we have only taken a few vacations in our lifetime. So I would love to see my own country more than I have in the past.

  75. Karen N

    I don't get to vacation much….but I really love going to the coast when I do!

  76. Barbara K

    The beach anywhere! I love to be at the ocean hearing and listing to the waves! 

  77. Charlotte Zweigoron

    My actual favorite is Hawaiia but, since it isn't a place I can get to often I will say Destin, FL.  I'm not a swimmer and can't take much sun but I love the roll and roar of the waves!!  Destin has beautiful resorts and great shopping.  There are also some great day trips down the coast.  Another big plus…  It is less than 6 hours away but totally different with its beaches and tropical aura!!

  78. SuZeQ

    Years ago I went to Las Brisas resort in Alcapulca.  It was the vacation of a livetime and I would LOVE to be able to return.  Although – they say you can never go back so perhaps I should find another dream vacation.

  79. Karen McAlpine

    I like the beaches of the west side of Florida.  I love the serenity of the Smokey Mountains.  Have a lovely time on your vacation.

  80. Mary Mac

    My favorite beach getaway is Sanibel Fla. Gorgeous sand and shells.

  81. Marilyn H

    I love Pensacola Beach, FL.  The water is beautiful and so is the sand.


  82. Frances Rodriguez

    Your photo reminded me of a wonderful place to vacation, Anna Maria Island in Florida! Thanks for the chance! Enjoy your vacations! Hugs, Frances

    1. Ronda A.

      Hi Frances!!  I'm coming to Orlando again in August 🙂 

  83. Sue D

    We have a lakeside resort area near us that we like to vacation at.

  84. Olivera

    My favorite place for vacation is Bora Bora…and the river Danube at Belgrade, SErbia


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