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Parties.  When you have school-age children, it seems like a new party invitation arrives home in the backpack each week!  Oh, those social butterflies!  Party here, party there…my two children have a better social life than I do. I have a stockpile of gifts on hand for these occasions; stickers, small lego toys, a few books, that sort of idea.  I take time thinking about things my kids and their friends like, and then catch the sales.  But I usually forget to wrap them until the last minute as my kids are about to run out the door.  Lately, I decided to make the wrapping just as special as the gift.  I call it, INVITATION INSPIRATION-children’s gifts wrapped up to reflect the invitation they sent!


A few months ago my daughter Sophie was invited to a party, and I used the pink floral invitation to spark our gift-wrapping mojo.  I really liked the pastel colors, flowers, the overall  girlie-ness of the invite.  Those ideas were what I used when wrapping.

  • Ribbons: 370 sheer/print, DD grosgrain/dots, KB solid check, QQ soft/silky ovals, SK silk, 350 sheer ruffle edge.
  • Other materials: tissue paper, tape, flowers, buttons, pinking sheers.

Giving the gift:


My son was invited to a really cool party at the local Children’s Science Museum. The birthday boy is a HUGE Star Wars fan!  So…here is the STAR WARS wrap!  The wrapping of this gift was such a hit that our son convinced the family that the wrapping WAS the gift.  We had to call them later and tell them they had permission to remove the wrapping and get to the gift.

  • Ribbons: 377 black metallic velvet, ER grosgrain/ric rac, BH grosgrain stitched edge
  • Other materials: White tissue paper, silver and black glitter paper, star stamps, ink, scissors, alpha stickers, 3dimensional foam squares.

Giving the gift:


Next it was our turn for a birthday party…we sent an evite.   A card maker who sends an evite…Ironic,  I know!  But they were included in the birthday deal. Anyway, since we were headed to a pretty well known birthday party destination, I had no trouble finding in my scrapbook paper stash, scraps to use as wrapping paper.

  • Other Materials: Character scrapbook paper, hole punch, alpha stickers, 2 nesting circle punches, needle.

Getting the gifts:

So the next time you are invited to a party, take a look at the invitation sent and see if it will influence a one of a kind wrapping!

Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. jen shears

    great ideas! 🙂

  2. Charlene

    Super creative and fun!

  3. Shelly

    Great Idea. The gifts were so pretty I wouldn’t want to open them either.

  4. Samantha

    Love your ideas Leah. That star wars package is fantastic.

  5. Pam Loris

    How clever! My son is 4, so the parties will be coming soon!


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