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Inspiration A Day Calendar

Welcome to May Arts /  Little Yellow Bicycle Blog Week! 

We have been so excited to team up with this very fabulous company.  There is a full week of Inspiration, GiveAways & a whole lot of fun in store!  We can't wait to share it with all of you.  So, be sure to check in on both blogs every day, cause you won't want to miss a thing!  Happy hopping!

Inspiration A Day Calendar

One of the great things about being a part of the May Arts Design Team is the opportunity we have to work with products, from all the leading scrapbook and craft companies in the country.

This week, we are partnering with the fabulous (LYB) Little Yellow Bicycle company, one of my very favorites.

When it comes to projects, I’m always looking to create items that are as useful as they are beautiful.  I love to make things that will enhance my daily life and add a bit of style to my home.  So today, I’m creating An Inspiration A Day Calendar, which will bring me inspiration everyday of the month.   Follow along for the fun.




  1. The foundation of my calendar needed to be something that was sturdy and something that could be hung on the wall.  Not knowing exactly what to use, I headed off to my local Goodwill and began roaming the shelves.  In the kitchen section, I found exactly what I needed, a small wood cutting board with a cut-out handle.  Perfect and only $1.25. 

If a cutting board is not up your alley, other options that would work are a small bulletin board, foam core or an open picture frame with a solid backing.  Basically, any hard surface that can be covered with paper and ultimately hung on the wall.

  • Small spiral bound Memo Book—I picked mine up at Walgreen’s for $0.99.
  • Number Stickers—Your choice of style and color.  I used Recollections number stickers I purchased at Michaels for my calendar.


Step 1:  Cover your cutting board, or selected background item with LYB decorative paper.  I used the teal dot paper from the LYB Elizabeth Park Collection.  Once the paper was attached to the cutting board, I cut the paper away to expose the open handle space.



Step 2:  I layered a decorative edge cardstock paper from the Elizabeth Park Collection on top of my dot paper.  I positioned my paper at an angle to create a more interesting look.



Step 3:  Create your daily inspiration calendar from your small memo book.

Beginning on page 3, place a “1” number sticker.  This will represent the first day of the month.  Skip to page 5 and place a “2” number sticker, which represents the 2nd day of the month.  Continue placing stickers on every odd page, until you reach the number 31.  You now have every day of the month represented. 



Step 4:  Next, you’ll create the daily inspiration pages of your calendar.  Beginning on page 2, write an inspiring quote on the page.  You can either hand-write the quote or print it out on the computer.  I love quotes and use them all the time in my projects.  I just happen to own the book, The Fairview Guide To Positive Quotations, so gathering my quotes was pretty easy.  You can easily find quotes on the web or spend a couple hours at your local bookstore jotting down quotes from many of the books there.



Step 5:  With your calendar quote book complete, you’ll want to attach it to your board.   I attached my calendar with The Paper Studio metal photo corners.  The corners will hold my calendar in place, allow my pages to turn and if I ever want to change out my book, it will be easy.  As an added touch, I created a small ribbon tassel to hang from the bottom of the wire spiral (ribbon used: 337-14-14, JP28, MN42 and ARR27).



Step 6:  Now embellish the remainder of your board.  I added a LYB Ticket from the Elizabeth Park Collection to the upper left corner of my board. 

I placed the LYB Mini Banner at the top of my calendar and added several of LYB’s canvas stickers to the mix.



Step 7:  To finish off the exposed surface area of my cutting board, I ran May Arts 333-38 ribbon around the outside edge.  This really gives your calendar a finished look.



And finally, I looped May Arts 380-15-94 ribbon through the handle, stitched a yellow button near the board, and tied a knot at the top of the ribbon.  Now my board can be hung on the wall.

It was so great combining LYB and May Arts into a special piece that will bring me joy 365 days a year. 



For design and fashion inspiration, visit my blog at

Have a great day!


Blog Posted By: Shelly Dozier-Mckee

Be sure to hop on over to Little Yellow Bicycle for another dose of Inspiration!

  1. Aga

    Very cool idea 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. Denise Bryant

    Great project idea! Love the calendar!

  3. Sandra L.

    Great idea! Love the bright cheery colors!

  4. Sue D

    This is a very clever idea!

  5. Annette A.

    really cute idea….i love clipboards

  6. Toni K (koolnkraftymom)

    This is adorable, and a great idea!

  7. Carol B

    Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Carol B

  8. conniemelancon

    What a great idea! thanks for sharing.

  9. CynthIa B.

    What a wonderful project! Years ago, I carried around a planner that always had an inspirational quote for the day. Now that I’ve gone electronic with my calendar, I miss that bit of wisdom everyday. How nice that you were able to create your own daily inspiration in such a lovely way!

  10. Kathy P

    That is such a cute idea–thanks for sharing! Who would think to go to a Goodwill store for scrapping things!! Love this LYB line—just got mine. I am going to use an old clipboard for my base!

  11. Denise Johnson

    love the project what a great idea.

  12. Judy Ray

    Love the colors of that ribbon.

  13. Joyce

    What a glorious idea! Thanks so much for this inspiration – your art work is awesome.

  14. Brooke D

    Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  15. jengd

    Very cute and so inexpensive AND easy… bonus! 🙂

  16. Charlene

    Clever and useful..gotta love it!

  17. Judy Ray

    What a great idea. Scraplifting as we speak.

  18. Kelly massman

    LOVE the idea and the paper and ribbon make it so pretty!

  19. Jan Garber

    What a wonderfully clever idea with the little notebook! Easy and cheap! Love it!

  20. Julie in Edmonds

    What a cool idea!

  21. Lindy

    This is absolutely awesome!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing

  22. Amanda J

    Great idea!!! I love the colors and how you layered that die cut at an angle!! I might have to lift this idea!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. Donna Woods

    This is simply wonderful!! I have some clipboards that would work perfectly!

  24. Mary

    amazing project.


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