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“Ink it!” Craft Challenge Entries {and a giveaway}

All of the entries from our "Ink it!" Craft Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some ribbon of your own!

First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:

 Your choice of 3 full spools of Ribbon

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here! 

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**

Now for the entries:

**Please also note that, although I always love to know what you think, the winners are selected solely by The Ribbon Lady**


Abby Henderson – Vintage Holiday Decorations


Charity Becker – Baby Shower Banner


Doris Widder – Halloween Album


Emily Lanham – Friends Layout


Erica Batchelder – Floral Cuff


Jan Jenitis – Candle Holders


Jasmine Ford – Candle Holder


Jennifer Hadder – Memory Box


Julie Nagle – Topiary


Karen Hanson – Interactive Thanksgiving Wreath


Katherine Schmitt – Canvas Wreath


Lisa Fuller – Seasons Layout


Laura Cox – Halloween Centerpiece

Lynn Ochs – Glass Ornament


Marilyn Hughes – Haunted House


Nikki Carpenter – Mini Keepsake Box


Pamela Ingle – Birthday Card


Penny Douphinett – Fall Centerpiece


Sassy – Memory Crate


Steph D. – Fabric Mini Book and Altered Box


Susan Brown – Lantern


Tracey Sabella – Mixed Media Layout

Whew!  That is a whole lot of inspiration right there!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects! 

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on October 19th, 2012!

Now start posting your favorites!   :-)


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Yvonne S. Morentin (@Morentin1326)

    They are so awesome… all of them… but i must admit, i can't resist Halloween… So my favorite is the Halloween Album…

  2. Erica Batchelder

    Mad props to all of the super talented artisans!  It's been so inspiring to participate with you all 🙂

  3. Becky Green


  4. Karen Wedding

    There are a lot of good projects. I have to say the Joke Book was my favorite.  But the topiary tree came in a close second.  Wow!  Good job to everyone.

  5. Marge R. (mer)

    Since my DD and my DSD just BOTH got engaged, I'm very partial to Tracey Sabella's – Mixed Media Layout!  I love the colors, layering and all the textural interest she achieved in this project. Thanks too for your generous give-away — someone will be very excited to win!

  6. Barb Murphy

    Great designs, but I love the floral cuff best. It's beautifully constructed and does the best job of highlighting so many of your beautiful ribbons and trims! Gorgeous!

  7. Jeniff

    My favorite is the fabric mini album, is so beautiful.

  8. kate blue

    wow…can you say hard to pick??  I had about 6-7 that I loved but my top fav was Nikki Carpenters mini box…gorgeous and something I would put in my own studio!

  9. Jasmine Ford

    Great projects from everyone….so pretty, and such great inspiration too! I had so much fun getting inky with this one…the color took 3 days to come off my fingers!!

  10. Laura C - Michigan

    WOW – so many awesome projects!  I love Laura Cox Halloween decorations.  I could see some of those in an ATC form too!

  11. Barb

    Such beautiful projects! My favorite is Tracey's mixed media layout. The flowers are simply beautiful, and I love all the details! Her choice of colors works well, too. It can sometimes be challenging to choose colors and designs that enhance a black and white photo instead of simply overpowering it… the colors Tracey chose for her layout work wonderfully as an accent without detracting from the striking look of the photo. Plus, the little frame accentuates the bride and groom perfectly. Love it! 🙂

  12. Linda K.

    I vote for Steph D.’s fabric album and altered box! Very shabby beautiful! Love it!

  13. steph d.

    so many wonderful and unique projects!  love them all!  i do love the cuff too :).  so pretty!  i would love to wear it, hehe.  thanks for the chance to play along this month.  i had a ton of fun playing with your beautiful trims.  *hugs* and much aloha, steph 🙂

  14. Lisa Harmon

    Everyone did really well on their projects!  My absolute favorite is Tracy Sabella!  She has the most gorgeous layouts I have ever seen!  Great job tracy!  You inspire me to do unique and awesome layouts for my scrapbook pages!

  15. Hermine

    What a great artwork by everyone. My favorite is the artowrk from Karen Hanson – thanksgiving wreath

  16. Marilyn

    Doris Widder – Halloween album – so cute and charming!

  17. Virginia Ogg

    All are beautiful.  #1=Katherine Schmitt-canvas wreath.

  18. Amy #8546

    Wow…so many pretty creations….But the Vintage decorations really stuck out to me.  They would have to be my favorit.e….

  19. Barb Ghigliotty

    It's so hard to choose, but I vote for the "Floral Cuff"….very beautiful and unique!

  20. Sally Cranney

    Lovely projects!  My vote is for Tracey Sabelle!  Beautiful work ladies!

  21. Tjet

    Tracey Sibella’s mixed media art wedding photo and page is gorgeous.

  22. Kelly H

    Wow, so many beautiful entries! I have to vote for Tracey Sabella's gorgeous mixed media layout!

  23. Amy Downey

    My fav crafts are Doris halloween album and the halloween centerpiece…..both very unique. :>)

  24. croppinmama

    All are creative, and can’t pick just one fav-my picks are Baby Shower Banner, Topiary & Interactive Wreath…thx for another chance to win your yummy ribbon!

  25. Lynn Shokoples

    Such gorgeous hard to choose, but my vote goes to Tracey!

  26. RachelV

    Once again, soooo many beautiful entries! Glad I'm not you, Ribbon Lady! I like all of them but I think Jasmine Ford's is my favorite. But boy, is it tough to decide! Great job everyone!

  27. Melanie

    It is so hard to choose, but I love the Haunted House. Thanks for the chance!

  28. NWFlamingo

    My favorites this time are the Halloween Album by Doris Widder and Haunted House by Marilyn Hughes.  But everybody did great stuff!

  29. Brenda B.

    Wow, these are incredible projects and loads of crafty cleverness! Difficult choice but my vote is for Doris Widder: Halloween Album

  30. julie o

    It's a toss up between the adorable Halloween mini book with riddles and Karen's interactive wreath.  Many beautiful projects!

  31. Tracey Gregory

    Wow! These are amazing! My fave is Tracey Sabella's classic mixed media creation!

  32. Janet Sisk

    I like Doris' Halloween album.  The jokes are great for the kids.  😀   Thanks for the chance to win. 

  33. EstherT

    These are some wonderful projects here!!!  I had a lot of fun telling my kids the riddles from the halloween mini-book, and Jasmine's lantern is beautiful … everyone did a terrific job!

  34. Helen Tilbury

    Wow so many beautiful projects here!  Tracey's definitely get my best vote though!!

  35. Rebecca Ednie

    I like the leather cuff bracelet and Jasmines candle holder. 

  36. Carole Robb Bisson

    Such soft and beautiful touches, Tracey S.  My vote is for you.  I've long adored your style.  Best of luck to you!
    Carole in Canada

  37. Sierra Winters

    Tracey:  You get my vote!  I LOVE this.

  38. Karen Letchworth

    There are some gorgeous projects here, but Tracey Sabella's is my favorite!  Great job, Tracey.  Good luck.

  39. Nancy

    They are all so great and creative! But I'm a cuff kinda girl, so I'm going to have to go with the floral cuff. So pretty!

  40. Kathy P

    So many cool creations here, and hard to pick one fave, but for me, has to be Dorris Widder's Halloween album.  I can just see kids having a lot of fun with that every year, and in the days in between.  Kids love riddles!

  41. Debbie Piercey

    I love Tracey Sabella's Mixed Media Layout! Absolutely gorgeous! All of the submitted projects are awesome!

  42. 2Pennies (Jennifer)

    I liked the mini album of Halloween riddles by Doris Widder best.  I thought it was extremely creative.  I loved the tags with the answers and the luscious colors of ribbons she chose.

  43. Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

    Fabulous work everyone!!! I love that cuff and the THanksgiving interactive wreath is stunning, but really you all have done wonderfully on this challenge!

  44. Judy Bacon

    I love all the details of Tracey Sabella Mixed Media!!!!  What a gorgeous layout!  Love all the flowers and how they are so different.  The ribbon on the edges with the sewing and the white frame around the bridal couple make them stand out!!!

  45. Sarah Routledge

    All the projects are so lovely – I really like Tracey's Mixed Media Layout – so pretty!

  46. Patti aka NW Lady

    Well this is really hard, everyone put their best creative foot forward!  After looking and looking I think my choice is Nikki Carpenter's mini keepsake box.  Sometimes less is more and the simplicity of her design with just the one flower on the box just captures my heart. 
    I have to say though it was a hard toss up between Nikki's and Karen Hanson's Thanksgiving wreath (what a fabulous idea!) and Susan Brown's latern (that is absolutely gorgeous).  They all are very talented bunch of crafters!

  47. Monika/buzsy

     Fabulous prjects. I love all. They are all so different and neat! I think my favorite is Erica Batchelder's – Floral Cuff. It's just so elegant.
    But I also love   Julie Nagle'sTopiary, Nikki Carpenter's – Mini Keepsake Box, and Tracey Sabella'sMixed Media Layout   pr  .. p

  48. Verna A.

    What talented ladies. I am partial to Susan Brown's Lantern though.

  49. B. S. Gallant

    Everyone did great work, but my favorites were the Haunted House and Halloween Album.  The Haunted House because that's something I'd love to display in my house and the Halloween Album because I got a chuckle out of the riddles.

  50. Amy Gaskins

    I love Tracey Sabella's Mixed Media Layout! She get's my vote!

  51. Samantha Burns

    All of the projects are beautiful!  But I am quite partial to Jasmine Ford's Candle Holder ~ I love the flowers!

  52. SuZeQ

    All of the projects were simply stunning.  I think I'm going to go with the Halloween Album … I'm such a sucker for those minis!!!

  53. Amarilys

    what gorgeous creations everyone! Hard to pick one but I vote for: Tracey Sabella – Mixed Media Layout.

  54. Dorothy B.

    All the projects are great…my favorite is Sassy's Memory crate.

    1. Sassy

      Thanks so very much!

  55. Cheryl

    Amazing projects!! Especially love the LO by Tracey Sabella!

  56. Krista Ritskes

    I love the baby shower banner and the topiary.  What fun projects and the topiary is full of such happy colours!

  57. Heather

    All the projects are beautiful!  But I'd have to say my favorite is Laura's Halloween centerpiece.  It's very unique and it looks like she put a lot of time and thought into it!

  58. Vee

    wow, wow and more wow. laura's table setting is outstanding. i cannot begin to imagine the amount of thought and work that went into this creation. like the joke book too. cute idea.

  59. Debbie Truyman

    Lots of fun projects, I think Laura's centerpiece is really unique and I love all the details.

  60. Sue D

    I vote for Tracey Sabella's Mixed Media Layout.

  61. Renee VanEpps

    The floral cuff, topiary and glass ornament are my faves.  Sorry, couldn't narrow it down 🙁  Gorgeous work ladies!!!!!!!!

  62. Sharon Fritchey

    I love all of the entries so much!  Great job, everyone!  I am picking Tracey Sabella's mixed media layout as my favorite for so many reasons!!!!!

  63. sharon gullikson

    I really like the baby shower banner!!

  64. Sharon Auxier

    Erica Batchelder is my selection.  The cuff is beautiful!

  65. Wendi R

    ohhhh wow!!! wonderful projects.. I vote for Tracey Sabella – Mixed Media Layout!!!

  66. LBAB

    I love Jasmine Fords. What amazing projects.

  67. Beverly Jones

    I love Erica Batchelder's Floral Cuff. I would wear that in a nano second.

  68. Debbie Travers

    They are all so beautiful but my favorite is the Halloween Centerpiece by Laura Cox!!!!!

  69. Yvonne

    I'm loving Doris Wedder's Halloween album!!!  Super cute!

  70. Sandi C

    I vote for Tracey Sabella! 

  71. Susan

    I Love the Halloween book, Friends layout and centerpiece. It's all so pretty/cool.

  72. Lisa F

    All of the projects are are so fabulous!! My favorite is Tracey Sabella's Mixed Media Layout!!

  73. Heather "Hev"

    What fabulous work by each artist – – so so hard to choose……..

    I think I would have to choose Nikki Carpenter's mini keepsake box – I am drawn to all things tiny at the moment.

    Have a wonderful day x

  74. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Loveeeeee all of these!!! I vote for Tracey!

  75. June H

    Love all the projects but my two favorites are the halloween album and the floral cuff!! Great job to you all!!!

  76. Christina

    Love all the projects!
    LOve Jasmines and Karen Hansens projects.

  77. sandeeNC

    I love Dorris Widder's interactive joke Halloween book! How cute, and the kids will love playing with it over and over! All the projects are awesome! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  78. Nikki C

    Thanks to Helmar and May Arts for such a fun challenge I loved it and now know the perfect glue for ribbons 🙂 
    It's so hard to pick just one but here it is for me My Fave project is Karen Hanson – Interactive Thanksgiving Wreath I love the idea of lifting the flowers to find a hidden message so sweet and it gives you something to do while your waiting at the door 🙂
    hugs Nikki C

  79. H. Barkalow

    I realy like all the details on Laura Cox's Halloween Centerpiece.  The skeletons on the ribbon banner it too cute.  My vote is for Laura's centerpiece.

  80. Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell

    I really Like Doris Widder's Halloween Album!! I love the bright colors of the tags and that she creaated a book with them.  totally creative and awesome.

  81. Kristie Maynard

    Wow, what a lot of gorgeous projects.  Hard to pick a favorite, but if I must, it would be the Lantern by Susan Brown, it is just gorgeous and so unique.  Love it.

  82. Doris Widder

    Thanks May Arts and Helmar! I had a lot of fun playing along with this challenge! 😀 Love everyone's projects! My fave is the floral cuff by Erica Batchelder. Great job everyone!

  83. Debbie G

    Great projects, have to say Laura Cox's centerpieces has my vote!

  84. Helen Mc Namara

    I loveeeee  Erica Bachelder,, her ribbon work is original, impecable and absolutely beautiful.  

  85. Susan Loraine Kromka

    Erica Batchelder's cuff is a GREAT design. Love it!

  86. Lisa F

    All of the projects are amazing and so inspiring!! My fav is Tracey Sabella's Mixed Media Layout!!

  87. Mynette

    There are some great projects but my favorite is Laura Cox's Halloween centerpiece.  It looks so big and would be wonderful on any table at a Halloween Party.  Great job Laura!

  88. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Love Lisa Fuller's!

    1. Lisa Fuller

      Thank you!  It is not a great picture and I thought I could only send in one.  All of the entries are simply gorgeous!

  89. Jaymi

    I just love Erica Batchelder's Floral cuff!  So classy and modern too!

  90. Marilyn Rivera

    All are Beautiful but I love Tracey's page-  so I vote for Tracey Sabella!

  91. Nicolle Kramer

    Oh wow!! I love all the amazing projects. Such creativity and diversity. It's truly hard to pick just one favorite. The ribbon lady has her work cut out for her. One of my faves is Doris toilet paper roll mini..adorable and so creative..:)

  92. Sandi Smith

    All very beautiful creations!! I vote for Tracey Sabella!

  93. Jean Marmo

    Gorgeous!! Love Tracey's layout!

  94. Kaitlyn Eves

    Beautiful submissions.. ove them all.. and hard to choose.  I really like Tracey Sabella's entry!! ~k

  95. Tracey Sabella

    I had so much fun looking at all the amazing entries. It's tough to narrow it down, but I do adore Nikki's keepsake box! ~ Blessings, Tracey S

    1. Nikki C

      Thanks so much

  96. Lori Williams

    OK the cuff is amazing…LOVE IT.  Way to go Erica Batchelder with that rocking  Floral Cuff

  97. Sandra Strait

    So hard to choose, but I'm into mini albums so Doris Widder's Halloween Album is my favorite. 

  98. Charity Becker

    Once again, such an honor to be working with a talented group such as this. My two favorite projects are the Floral Cuff and Jasmine Fords candle Holder. Truly, though, who could decide???

  99. Michelle King

    Choose? We have to choose one? I do not envy anyone that job…they are all incredible…I am sucker for Halloween so I gravitated to those projects…

  100. Tasha Cosenza-Mechels

    I LOVE the baby shower banner, it is super cute! Wonderful projects by everyone, what talent! 🙂

  101. Stephanie U

    I think my favorites are Charity's banner and Tracy's layout, although they are all so unique!

  102. Dyane Bradley

    Wow, all of these people are brilliantly talented. My favorite is Erica Batchelder – Floral Cuff♥  I've seen her work in person and its stunning. Dyane

  103. Pingback: Halloween Riddles TP Roll tag album « Distressed Scrapper

  104. kathy/NorthCarolina

    I love Julie Nagle's topiary!  The flowers are so beautiful!

  105. Pam

    Erica Batchelder's floral cuff is gorgeous!

  106. Barb Ghigliotty

    OMGosh, so many GORGEOUS projects! Thank you so much for your inspiration, for the videos, and for a chance to win!

  107. Pam Smart

    There is so much talent out there, they are all beautiful.  I vote for Erica Batchelder's Floral Cuff.  Beautiful work, as always!

  108. Marsh Scott

    I love Erica Batchelder – Floral Cuff!

  109. Sara Andrews

    I just love Karen's unique Fall wreath as it is just beautiful. 
    But, I do love the bright colors, dimension and playfulness of Emily's layout as well. 
    Great projects everyone!

  110. Charlotte Gordon

    Such a hard choice, but my favorite is Erica Batchelder's Floral Cuff, gorgeous!!!!

  111. Sassy

    As one fortunate to participate in this challenge I have just spent about an hour ooing and aahing at all the other participant entries  Unique, gorgeous, creative – they are all fantastic!  All so very different and all I would be so very proud to display in my home or wear!  The various colors all inked their ribbon, leaves, mesh – whatever choices were made for each project – ooolalalaaaaa….. My addy is available upon request if you don't know what to do with your project…I say that with all due respect to each of you and your creative talent that I feel so honored to be included amongst you all.  Cheers!

  112. Starqueen

    Ooooh, I don't envy the Ribbon Lady's job to choose. All the entries are impressive! I love Sassy's Memory Crate, and Karen's Thanksgiving Wreath and Marilyn's Haunted House and…!
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their creativity and inspiration!

    1. Sassy

      Thank you.

  113. Christy Kukuk

    I love so many of the entries.  But, I think my vote this time is for Jasmine Ford.

  114. Kathy

      They all look like many hours of hard work went into these projects. I love the Halloween Project by Laura Cox…yummm. love Halloween Candy. I also like the fabric Mini with the Prima Romance Novel papers. Most beautiful papers this year..

  115. Lynda

    All great projects but I think I would pick Laura's.  Looks like a lot of work went into it and it just says Halloween to me !

  116. Penny Douphinett

    They are all wonderful!  Of course, I am partial to my own, but I am sure glad I don't have to pick!

  117. Barbara

    Love the candleholder by Jasmine Ford!

  118. Marilyn Hughes

    Love all the projects but of course mine is my favorite LOL (please do not enter me into the drawing).   It's great to such a diverse group.  No two are even similar!  AWESOME!

  119. Claudine Laforce

    Love Jasmine Ford's entry. What a unique use of the flower ribbons!

  120. by belle

    My vote is for Karen's wreath but I must say these are some beautiful projects ladies!!  Great work all!!

  121. Karen H

    Beautiful work everyone!

  122. Nina Nuernberger

    Wow! Once again, I am so glad I do not have to choose!!!!

  123. Penny H.

    Wow . . . that is SOOOOO hard to choose.  All of the projects are AMAZING!  And inspirational, as well.   But if I HAD to choose, I love Erica Batchelder – Floral Cuff!!!!

  124. Elizabeth

    Well there is 2 that totally have spoken to me and I WILL be re-creating soon….Doris' Halloween Album and Charity's Banner!

  125. Gloria Westerman

    They are all gorgeous!!!! and very hard to pick…so I will just pick my favortie….
    Julie Nagle- Topiary


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