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How to: Make a Paper Fan

Welcome back to the May Arts blog!  When we were little, my brothers, sisters and I (there were 5 of us!) would always make our Mom’s birthday gifts.  We colored, constructed and picked dandelions (after all, Mom always said they were her favorite) in anticipation of Mom’s ooh’s and ahh’s.

I’ve got a quick project for you today that is just perfect for any Mom’s birthday or for those long summer days when the kids are ready for something to do.  I’m going to show you two versions so that even the littlest munchkins can help make one.

You need just a few simple supplies and of course, some beautiful May Arts Ribbons!  For this version you’ll need:


  1.  Place the paper flat on the table with the shortest edge in front of you.  Begin making folds that are about 1 inch wide, turning the paper over each time for a pleated effect.  I found a 1 inch wide piece of cardstock to be helpful for making sure the folds were even.  Be sure to press firmly on each fold.

  1. Make a tassel using the sheer organza ribbon.   Cut 8-10 (7 inch) lengths of Sheer Organza ribbon.  Stack and fold the lengths in half.  Take another piece of ribbon, make a loop and knot it at the top.  Slip it in the middle of the fold.  Beginning about ½’ from the fold, wrap a piece of Wired String around the ribbon, tucking the end under the wrap.  If desired, add some wired beads to the tassel.
  2. Place the tassel in the center of the folds.

  1.  Press the folds together and staple making sure to catch the ribbon loop in the staple.

  1. Measure 21 inches each of Crochet Lace and Sheer Organza.  Thread the organza through the crochet lace.  Run a strip of strong double sided tape across the top of the fan extending it about ½” on the reverse of each side.

  1. Press the crochet lace ribbon on the tape leaving about ½ of it above the top of the fan.

  1. Place several pieces of strong tape on each side of the fan handle.   Wrap the stapled end with more crochet lace to finish.  I cut up the center of my sheer organza to make my tassel fuller.

That’s it!  A beautiful, thrifty gift that older kids can make in less than 30 minutes!

To make an even simpler version, use a piece of freezer paper!  Let little ones color for a personal touch or let them stamp designs. Then complete the fan as directed leaving off the tassel.   I wrapped the handle in beautiful May Arts Check Ribbon ½” Check AB17.  The top can be sponged with ink or left plain. 

Beautiful, useful, thrifty and easy!   Now that’s Mom pleasing thrifty gifting thanks to May Arts Ribbon!

Blog post by: Chalene Driggs


  1. Kristie Maynard

    How fun! Very pretty.

  2. Sue D

    These are beautiful!

  3. Dee

    What a cute idea! I recently started crafting together with my 3 year old daughter. Meaning that she has her own little desk in my crafting room where she can colour, paint or play with clay while mommy is crafting on her own projects. It is absolutely lovely to spend time together like that and ideas like this one are just wonderfull! Letting her stamp the design is just perfect! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Charlene

      Love to see your Mommy/daughter creation, Dee!  Thanks for visiting the May Arts blog!


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