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How to Make a Corsage


My husband recently took our daughter to our school’s Daddy-Daughter Dance, and as tradition, wanted her to have a corsage. We had ordered them for the last few years & the first 2 years they had been sweet, but last year when I picked it up I was disappointed & made a mental note to make one myself this year. It’s easier than you would think!


Make a bow that matches your attire- I used the Bowdabra & was able to make one proportionate to my daughter’s size easily. I used the May Arts 3/8” red sheer iridescent pinstripe and ¼” white silk.

Next, gather your floral supplies!


We picked up a bunch of sweetheart roses, some baby’s breath, and I cut some greens from a shrub in our yard.


Arrange your flowers & wrap with floral wire (or any lightweight wire you have on hand).


I had purchased some white floral tape from Joann’s, but you could also wrap the stems with ribbon! If you are more skilled than I you can simply pin the corsage onto your sweet girl. If you are pinning challenged, Joann’s also sells wristlet frames!


She’s ready with her custom corsage at a fraction of the cost!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve been inspired!

Blog post by: Jen Shears

May Arts Ribbon Used:

May Arts Sheer Iridescent Ribbon

May Arts Silk Ribbon

Other Supplies Used:

  • Bowdabra
  • White floral tape- Joann’s
  • Lightweight wire
  • Corsage wristlet frame- Joann’s

  1. Jean Bullock

    Great tutorial!  Thanks so much.

  2. Kelley_R

    What a great set of parents making a girl feel special! Your corsage is as beautiful as your daughter.

  3. Dorina D

    Beautiful corsage. Nice tutorial and what an adorable little girl.  Great job.

  4. JoAnn Pollock

    Love this!  I've pinned it to make for my daughter.

  5. Sue D

    Wow–this is beautiful!

  6. Anita A

    What a cool idea!

  7. Charlene

    Two beauties!  Love the wristlet idea!

  8. Virginia Fynes

    Great job! It looks so professional! Your little girl is too sweet, I hope they had fun!

  9. Karen B.

    Beautiful corsage and beautiful girl, she looks so happy!


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