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Homecoming Mum

Homecoming Mum

At one time I was making a lot of these mums;  I’d forgotten how fun and easy they are to make!  Our school colors are orange and black, so I headed to the “Halloween” collection of ribbons at May Arts…made my decision-making so much easier.

To begin you will need a large mum (I used a 7”).  These are readily available at craft stores or online.  Next, cut two 5” circles from chipboard;  no worries if the edges aren’t smooth, they’ll be covered.

Homecoming Mum

Use a piercing tool or eyelet setter to punch a hole in the center of one of the chipboard circles.  This step is especially important if your mum is not completely flat on the back.

Homecoming Mum

Next, cut approximately 12 pieces of ribbon into 8” strips.  If you are using a wired-edge ribbon, you may wish to remove the wire, although it will still work nicely for this part of the mum.  Loop each strip as shown above and begin gluing to the chipboard circle starting at the outer-most edge.

Homecoming Mum

Once you have completed the outer edge, repeat the process and create an inner-row of loops.  After this portion of the mum has been finished you may glue on the mum with a high-tack adhesive.

Homecoming Mum

For the streamers, first decide how long you would like for them to hang down and cut lengths from different ribbons.  Glue (or staple) each piece to the second chipboard circle.  I like to begin in the center and then layer different patterns as I build outward. 

Homecoming Mum

I found the cutest glittery Styrofoam balls in the Halloween section at Michaels.  I took the diagonal striped, black and white ribbon and threaded the balls onto two different pieces using a large embroidery needle.  I also found that having a touch of white somewhere in the ribbon really helped to tie in with the white of the mum.

Homecoming Mum

Glue or tie on different trinkets that can also be found at craft stores: mini cow bells, plastic school mascots,  a rabbit’s foot, etc.

Homecoming Mum

Finally, glue the back chipboard piece (with the streamers) to the other; be sure to use a strong adhesive.  Also, add a small chenille stem or ribbon hanger between the two pieces of chipboard so that it can be attached with a safety pin or hung on a wall after wearing.

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  1. Shelby

    What did you use to make the S?

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Hi Shelby,

      I can’t say for sure what our designer used to make the S. But it looks awfully like our metallic eyelash: Bet it would be a good substitute!


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