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If you are like me, you find tons of inspiration for decorating around the holidays from all of the throngs of catalogs that end up in the mailbox this time of year.  But it’s much more fun and much less expensive to make your own. Today I have a quick project for chair backers –these are so easy, you can make a set for every holiday!

I recently received a Mini Bow-Dabra from our wonderful Ribbon Lady! I’ve tried all kinds of bow making gizmos through the years (since I do have a bit of a ribbon addiction!), and this one is really different.  It’s so easy to make bows combining lots of different ribbons.

Gather your supplies.  You want to choose ribbons with varying widths and textures to make your bows look great.  You can find a basic video for using the Bow-Dabra here.

Start with your widest ribbon on the bottom.  I used the Wired Burlap.  The loops are going to be the widest on the bottom, getting smaller with each ribbon.  I made two loops per side for this ribbon. Next layered was Natural Burlap with Stripe Edge – with 3 loops per side (these loops were smaller in size than the previous layer).  Continue layering like this with Solid Wrinkled, Woven Burlap, Burlap Cord.  Add a decorative pick on the top, and tie off using the Bow-Dabra cord.  Attach a tail to the back of the bow, using the wired Burlap.  Leave your tails from the Bow-Dabra cord long to attach the bow to your chair.

See how easy peasy this is?  I bet you can come up with some fantastic ribbon combinations for all of your entertaining needs!

Blog post by: Gini Williams Cagle

May Arts Ribbon Used:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Mini Bow-Dabra

  1. Jeanne Kelly

    Oh my GOSH – this is so beautiful and natural – I love burlap !!

  2. Sue D

    Very festive!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Wow!  How easy.  I've seen these but always been wary of spending the money and finding out it isn't worth it.  I might have to look into one.  Your bow creation is gorgeous! TFS.

  4. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Oh my goodness. this is fantastic!

  5. Ange

    What a fun idea and very pretty!


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