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Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Entry #5 from our Calling All Bloggers Challenge, comes from Kim Wilson of Off The Wall Craftiness.  Don't forget to post your comments & let us know what you think!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

ribbon party

My name is Kim Wilson, I am 27 and I have a challenge blog, I would like to share with you my projects to create a super cute Hello Kitty birthday party! I love making any and everything for parties and sometimes go a little overboard but I love to craft and embellish! This set can be altered to fit any girls party theme!

For this party you will need:

  • Birthday banner
  • Low price flip flops
  • Clear paint bucket with lid and goodies to fill it
  • Paper party hat
  • Plates, Napkins
  • Dress, I got this one for $4 on clearance at Walmart!
  • Maribou feathers for the hat
  • Flat back embellishments
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Character patch for dress ( I made this one on my embroidery machine)
  • Tweezers
  • Lighter
  • Needle and thread
  • 2 Alligator hair clips
  • 2 Safety pins
  • Lots of your favorite May Arts Ribbons!

ribbon party

Flip Flops

  • Wrap straps with ribbon and glue ends inside straps.
  • Make three bows in different colors and ribbons using the technique found here in gradually smaller sizes.
  • Using the Grosgrain White Ovals ribbon cut out two ovals leaving the center connected and use a lighter and tweezers carefully burn all the way around the ovals to heat seal.
  • Using the hot glue place a small dot of glue on the back side where the ovals meet and bring oval sides back behind and glue down to make a bow.
  • Repeat one more time for each shoe with different colors.
  • Stack the three bows and two oval bows. Using a needle sew it all together until sturdy.
  • Using hot glue attach alligator clip making sure not to glue clip shut.
  • Add embellishment and clip onto shoes!

ribbon party


  • Glue maribou trim to bottom of hat
  • Make another oval ribbon bow, criss cross two ribbons and glue together, add embellishment with glue also and once dry adhere to top of hat!

ribbon party

The Dress

  • Iron on patch
  • Cut an assortment of May Arts ribbons, layer, trim to length and wrap thin ribbon around it to hold together, hot glue ends closed to hold it well.
  • Using safety pin attach to the dress.

ribbon party

Goodies Bucket

  • Cut one plate to fit inside the lid
  • Tie pieces of ribbons to bucket handle.
  • Heat seal edges using the lighter to prevent fraying.
  • Fill with goodies!

And thats it! I know it looks like a lot but once you get the hang of it it will go fast! Hope you enjoyed my projects!

  1. Tammy Hobbs

    A lot of thought and detail went into this project! It is very unique to make the oval ribbons lay just right! I am very impressed~ Way too cute! Every little girl would love to have this at their party! Great job and well thought out!

  2. judean

    love the bright colors and fun ribbons you used on these projects!

  3. Ayana Posadas

    I am beyond impressed with this entire project! Everything is sooo super cute!!!
    Fabulous Job, Kim!!! =)

  4. Isha

    This is so cute…my little one is asking me to do the same on her b’day next time…lol. I am inspired and she wants it.

  5. Michele Gross

    I am in awe of the absolute cuteness of this party project!! Its every little girls dream…some of us big girls too 😉 I am so in love with those flip flops!!

  6. AnitaRex

    Kim love this! WOW! So creative and so amazing!

  7. Ann Cox

    This project is absolutely adorable! I love those flip flops!

  8. Sherri Thompson

    Kim, this set is so cute! I still find it so funny that Hello Kitty has made a comeback-I loved her when i was little! So adorable!

  9. erin

    Oh my goodness, too cute!!!

  10. Samantha M

    how great! i love the flip-flops! thank you for sharing!

  11. Jennifer H.

    Totally adorable! I bet either of my daughters would love this for their birthday! Fabulous job!

  12. Jenny

    KIM rocks the ribbon!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and the hello kitty theme!!!

  13. Courtney Lee

    SO super cute! I love it! Now I just need a daughter so I can throw her a fantastic Hello Kitty themed party! You’re so creative!

  14. Kim Wilson

    Thank you ladies!!!

  15. jen shears

    What great projects!

  16. Jenifer

    Great job what a wonderful birthday party it would make any little girs day. Fantastic work:)

  17. Charlene

    Super cute! I wouldn’t mind a Hello Kitty party myself with those sweet accessories!


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