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It’s a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

new release week

It’s New Release Week here on the May Arts Ribbon Blog!   And that means all week long we are inspiring you to create with our awesome new ribbons. That also means you have two chances to win some of your own!    Our first giveaway is our Spring Release Giveaway, showing you all our upcoming releases.   And for another chance to win, you just have to comment on any post this week! 

Now, without further delay, here is another healthy dose of ribbony inspiration with Royal Ribbonista Lalo IK:


I’m in love with May Arts Ribbon’s new releases.  They make me so happy that I had to have my own personal party for them.

It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

Today I wanted to highlight the new puffy blinged out adhesive backed hearts.  These are so cool and very easy to work with.  The bonus with these is that it comes already ready to stick onto your projects.  The adhesive on these are great and they don’t peel away from the hearts so you can stick them onto many surfaces like I did here.

Stick them to paper to make a card or tag.

It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

Stick them on a straw for a stylish drink.

It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

You can also stick them onto themselves to make a cool display like this mobile.

It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

Here’s a quick tutorial to show you how to make your own hanging hearts mobile.

First you’re going to use a jewelry plier to cut pieces of May Arts Ribbon’s new Diamond Chain for your string.  I just love the Diamond chain, it’s so fabulous.

Then wrap a wire around the first link in the chain.

 It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

After this you can shape your wire into any shape you desire.  I decided to make mines a hanger shape but a circle would be equally cool.

All that is left now is to add on your hearts.  For this step I cut the hearts in sets of two and peeled off the backing so I could sandwich the chain in between them.

 It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

The end result is a totally blinged out ornament you can hang.

It's a Heart Party {with a heart mobile tutorial}

By Lalo IK


Don’t Forget!  There are 2 chances to win some new releases this week: here and on our sneak peek!


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  1. Lucy E.

    This is so adorable! I love both the Sequin Hearts and the Diamond Chain—You gotta have heart and bling!

  2. Laura Strack

    What a fabulous idea to use the diamond chain to dangle the hearts. I will have to make a rear view mirror charm for my car!! Love it! TFS!

  3. Virginia Fynes

    EEEK! I love this project so cute!

  4. Miriam Prantner

    These are so fun! Love all the ways you used them!

  5. Rebecca Ednie

    Those are very cute heart ideas!

  6. Cynthia B.

    Gosh, I love the adhesive hearts! Already shiny and ready for crafting!

  7. Tonya

    Its like a disco party! The more bling the better if you ask my daughter!!

  8. Denise Bryant

    Love the sequin hearts and the diamond chain!

  9. Emily H

    Love! <3

  10. Sharon Gullikson

    The diamonds could be used to make jewelry–I’ve seen people put them into bezels with Ice Resin

  11. Mary Mac

    Love all the bling with these projects.

  12. barbara macaskill

    What a cool and easy mobile! I love it! This would look great hanging in my granddaughter’s bedroom!! Now if I could just find an online retailer so I can buy some!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Amy C.

    Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Heather Thompson

    What a neat project, Great for my daughters room. I love those hearts. how easy is that.

  15. Patricia B

    Oh my goodness, you have stolen my “heart” with all these fabulous idea. I love the mobile! Super cute. Tfs Love it!!

  16. NWFlamingo

    Bring on the bling! I think I’m going to love that diamond chain! I’ll have to start searching for it.

  17. Ange

    That is really fun! What a great idea!!

  18. marylouh

    Great idea to make a mobile out of the hearts. Marking the straws is a pretty way to designate which glass is yours. Love the ideas.

  19. SuZeQ

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I {heart} it all. Just simply stunning and perfect for the month of love!

  20. Toni Storie

    This is so very cute! I love the sparkling chain!

  21. Sue D

    Very cute–love that these are adhesive.

  22. Marilyn H

    Wow! Love the card and the mobile. The hearts are so much fun.

  23. stamping sue

    Wonderful heart projects. I, too really like the diamond chain. thanks for the inspiration.
    stamping sue

  24. jean marmo

    These hearts are just precious!

  25. Donna Sue

    Love sequins & glittery things!

  26. TracyM #6773

    What a FUN & FABULOUS new release party Lalo 🙂

    SUPER EXCITED about the fabulous adhesive sequin hearts and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Diamond Chain!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your sparkly inspiration!!!


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