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Headbands With Ribbon

Ribbon headbands

Although the (now-vintage) headbands of my
youth served to control and enhance stubborn mousy-brown locks through high
school and college, they don’t compare with today’s versions, ones anyone can
make with these great ribbons.  The lowly
hair accessory has become a statement of color, whimsy, fashion and

Here are some BASIC


Ribbon headbands


  • Cut ribbon about
    twice as long as the band
  • Coat both sides
    of band with permanent glue stick
  • Begin wrapping on
    the inside at one end
  • Continue tightly
    wrapping on angle to other end, pressing into the glue coating
  • Fold under raw end
    of ribbon
  • Use a few stitches to secure ribbons that cover the ends of the band



Ribbon headbands


  • Use this method
    for ribbons at least twice as wide as the band
  • Cut ribbon 2”
    longer than the band
  • Fold 1” under on
    both ends of the ribbon
  • Fold ribbon in
    half lengthwise
  • Coat both sides of
    band with permanent glue stick
  • Slip band into
    folded ribbon & secure with a few pins
  • Stitch ribbon
    edges and ends together



Ribbon headbands


  • Use when ribbon is
    at least 2½ times the width of band
  • Cut ribbon 2”
    longer than band
  • Coat inside of
    band with permanent glue stick
  • Position one long
    edge of ribbon onto glue, 1” extending from each end of band
  • Apply permanent
    glue stick to outside of band
  • Fold the1”
    extensions over ends of band
  • Wrap ribbon around
    edge onto sticky outside of band
  • Apply permanent
    glue stick to exposed underside of remaining ribbon
  • Wrap tightly over
    the edge & press onto inside of band



Ribbon headbands


Ribbon headbands


  • Use when ribbon
    and band are the same width
  • Cut 1 piece of
    ribbon the same length as the band, and 1 piece 2” longer
  • Apply permanent
    glue stick to inside of band & adhere shorter ribbon
  • Apply permanent
    glue stick to outside and adhere ribbon, allowing 1” extensions on each end
  • Turn under raw
    ends of ribbon and wrap extensions over both ends and stitch
  • Stitch both ends
  • If band narrows at
    the ends, fold extra ribbon to the inside evenly on both sides and stitch


Love Those Flowers?  Here’s how it’s done:

Ribbon headbands


  • Ribbon (MR 28, 1½”
  • Wire:  (KS 18) …8”
  • Bead or button for
    center of flower
  • 2 leaves from
    ribbon (XL16), optional
  • Gathered green
    ribbon (BA08, 3/8” wide)…4”
  • Thread to match
    plaid and green
  • Permanent glue stick.


  • Center a bead or
    button on the wire, then tightly twist the wire into a stem
  • Cut ribbon into
    two 18” pieces, prepare both per ILLUSTRATION #1 below
  • Hold the end folds
    in place with a dab of glue
  • Expose the
    ribbon’s wire at point B
  • Holding wire in place at point A, carefully pull
    exposed wire from B to create gathers.

Ribbon headbands

  • Place the stem
    on the gathered ribbon at point A, as in ILLUSTRATION #2
  • Roll ribbon
    once or twice around the stem, keeping gathers fairly even
  • Tack ribbon in
    place through several rolled layers, keeping gathers balanced and the roll
    secure as you go.
  • Repeat for the
    second ribbon and finish by checking the rolled ribbon and making any necessary
  • Carefully tack
    one end of the narrow gathered green ribbon to the flower’s base
  • Wrap it around
    the wire stem 2 – 3 times, not pulling out the gathers.
  • Use a few
    stitches to secure the gathered band at the base of the flower.
  • Pull the
    remainder of this ribbon flat and wrap it tightly around the wire stem.
  • Secure the end
    with a few stitches and a dab of glue if needed.
  • Stitch the 2
    faux suede leaves (ribbon XL16) to the stem
  • Sew the bloom
    onto the band where it suites you best.

Blog Posted By: Ellen Highsmith

  1. Samantha Wales

    ooohhhh thank you, thank you! This is just what I have been looking for. Now to clean my craft room and create. My daughter and I loooove headbands!

  2. ashley

    Love this headband–so crafty!
    Would love for you to link up to my Headband Link party over at Little Miss Momma! Here’s the link:

  3. Deb

    Thanks for the ideas – I have two little girls who will love these.

  4. Sandi

    Absolutely love these. The color of the ribbon used is awesome. The directions so simple.
    Love it.

  5. Alison Banks

    Hi- thanks for the directions- these are very cute- perfect for my 9 yr old and I saw similar ones in Anthropologie for around $30.00! Thanks so much Alison

  6. pamelahuntington

    Really lovely

  7. Kelly Jackson

    These headbands are lovely!!!

    The sky is the limit with embellishing them too!!


  8. kimberlee P

    These are the coolest headbands I’ve ever seen!!!! I want to go and make each of these right now! Wow. The ribbon flowers, wow. I love the zigzag one, too like ricrac almost! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Wendi R

    oh wow I LOVE those and sooo quick and easy!!! I need to make some for my daughter!!! great project

  10. Laurie Brauer

    so cute!!

  11. Leah

    I am in awe!!!! LOVE these, love these, LOVE these!!! thanks for the post!

  12. Nathalia

    Gorgeous work, thanks for sharing the directions!

  13. Tomi Ann Hill

    Wow, totally gorgeous!

  14. Deanne

    These are FAB!!!!! Gotta try it!!


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