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Haunted House

Haunted House

I hope this project puts you in high spirits!  This was a blast to create.  It will be a decoration you can put out year after year.  Pull out your supplies and lets build a Haunted House.

Step by step:

1.  Use black paint to cover a 2 piece paper mache house inside and out.  Let dry.



2.  Crumple ivory Halloween scrapbook paper, ink to distress.  Tear paper into ovals and ink edges in black.


3.  Glue papers onto the house, under the gables and to the chimney. Fill in any spaces with smaller bits of paper.  Ink and emboss windows, door frame and the top of the chimney with black and gold embossing power.

4.  Adhere black Satin/Pleat ribbon onto the roof. Emboss parts of the roof where the ribbon edges meet, or where any blank space is showing.

5. Decorate the edges of roof with Satin Cutout black bat ribbon, jewels, bazzill edges and metal embellishments.


6.  Add metal embellishments and jewels above the door.

7. Attach black Velvet Ric Rac to the base of house.

8. With your sewing machine, stitch pieces of plum Satin/Pleat ribbon to fabric, cut out, and glue on house to create shutters.


9.  Sew strip of dark silver Satin/Pleat ribbon to grey fabric, sew rectangles with 2 stitches between each rectangle. cut to make “fence boards.” Glue to base of house and use lavendar Burlap/Woven String to link all of the boards together.  It will act as a fence rail.


There you go.  Making this house for me was more fun than dressing up, getting candy or scaring my neighbors.  Happy Halloween!



May Arts ribbons used:

379 Satin/Pleats in black, dark silver and plum, WR Velvet/Ric Rac in black, EX black bat Satin Cutouts, EW Burlap/Woven String in Lavender.


Items needed:

Paper mache house, black paint, ink, paper, glue, embossing power, jewels, metal embellishments, fabric and sewing machine, scissors.


Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. Shelly

    Simply Incredible! The perfect Halloween centerpiece.

  2. samantha sibbet

    Wow Leah, what an amazing use of ribbon, this looks like it was a lot of fun to make! I need one on my table!

  3. Charlene

    Totally creative, Leah! The gift stores would charge a fortune for something like this!

  4. Pam Loris

    Oh my! That had to take some time to do! It’s wonderful!

  5. Tammy Huls

    Oh my gosh Leah! That is awesome!!! I am inspired!!!!!!!!!

  6. Maria Wildrick

    This looks wonderful. What a great Halloween decoration.

  7. Andrea

    This is so awesome. Absolutely adore it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. jen shears

    WOW!!! What a great project- and fab tutorial!!!! 🙂

  9. Lexi

    oh my goodness!! this is INSANELY creative!! fab job!


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