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Halloween Treat Cones

Fall can't come early enough at our house. It is our favorite time of year! In fact, we already have 15 (yes, 15!) pumpkins siting on our front porch. So needless to say, the Halloween decorating has begun!

I couldn't wait to get some May Arts ribbon to complete this project. And it involves candy. Even better 😉 It is super easy and very adaptable to items you probably have handy. In fact, I am already planning on doing this same thing around Christmas time—so you'll be seeing that version soon 🙂

You'll need:

  • Paper Mache cones- I used two different sizes


  • Adhesive- I used double sided tape and really loved how it held


  • Crop-o-dile


  • Scissors



  • Embellishments


First, roll your paper around your cone shape, or make the cone shape out of paper. Either way works, I just chose to use paper mache cones to make it more sturdy last longer.

Trim the paper and punch holes for the hanging ribbon using your crop-o-dile. Now, you can stop there and have a cute, simple treat cone, but I chose to embellish 🙂

For this cone I used the following ribbons: EX10, QD10, RG28, SM08

I put the bat ribbon along the top and loved that sheer polka dot at the bottom


This cone uses: SM09, RG28, 330-28

It isn't easy to find halloween bells, but I thought this one needed it! That big orange ric rac is too fun.


The button cone has: WQ10, SM08, RG10, 382-34-10

Is that black webbing along the top perfect for Halloween projects or what? And another bell 😉


Five ribbons used here: EX08, SM08, RG10, 377-38-10, 340-66

This was the last one I did and it might be my favorite. I loved the witches flying against the dotted paper and the crushed velvet glittered trim along the top added some sparkle.


I spray painted a few fallen branches black to make a treat cone tree and then used fall flavored Hershey Kisses in a glass container as the base.


And once it is all done:


All that is left is to fill the cones with candy and display, or pass to incredibly lucky trick or treaters!

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your day!


Blog Posted By: Lexi Bridges

  1. Suz

    Love how the cones turned out Lex!! You keep on “bringin’ it” girl! 😉

  2. Leah

    Lexi, your cones are festive and so adorable! thanks for the great project!!

  3. Andrea

    Exquisite I must say, and I too love the tree. How fun!!

  4. Shelly

    SO CUTE LEXI. I love the combinations of paper, ribbon and embellishments. I will definitely be creating some of these for my Halloween bash.

  5. Charlene

    Very cute, Lexi!!

  6. samantha sibbet

    Lexi, you and your stick trees! I think your cones make for a very elegant Halloween setting. They are so chic! Might have to make one of these pretties!!

  7. jen shears

    Swoon, Lexi!!!! LOVE your combo of ribbon & papers, buttons! I think I may have to CASE this!!!


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