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Halloween Greetings!

If you want to greet your Trick-or-Treaters with a little something special this Halloween, you’ll love making this Spooktacular Door Basket.  I just love the way the basket dresses up my front door and is different than any other door décor on the block.

Gather the following supplies:

  • Flat back basket

  • Black Spray Paint
  • Assorted Halloween themed/colored paper—I used papers from My Minds Eye, The Paper Studio, KCompany, TPC Studio

  • Embellishements:

* Novelty Buttones—I used small black buttons from Hancock Fabrics

* Colorbok Adhesive Letters

* Little Yellow Bicycle Fabric Tags—Trick or Treat Theme

  • Paper Cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Wire

Now lets create your door basket

1.  You can either leave your basket in its natural color or spray paint it black. I painted mine since I thought it would give me a more dramatic look.

2.  Cut your novelty papers into assorted size square and rectangular shapes.  The paper will be laid out in a random format on the front surface of the basket.

3.  Begin by hot gluing your paper into the front of the basket in random locations. I did not want to cover the entire surface of my basket so I left some of the natural woven basket texture exposed.

4.  Once all your papers are glued into place, begin positioning your ribbons.  First I glued the striped black, orange and purple ribbon along the top edge of the basket.  Next, I glued the black and white polka dot ribbon along the bottom edge.  Then I positioned my other ribbons in various places.  Some of my ribbon covered the edges of the paper and I glued some across the center of the larger pieces of paper.

5.   With the ribbon in place, you’ll want to begin adding your embellishments.  I wired my black buttons onto a few of the Fabric Tags and then wired the tags onto the basket.  I placed the October 31st tag at the top, center of the basket and hung the others in random spots.

6.   Once your basket is decorated, it’s time to add the finishing touches—branches, ribbons and hanging tag.

7.   Place some floral foam inside the basket to hold your branches in place.

8.   Spray paint your branches black and position them into the floral foam.

9.   Next, create the BOO tag by layering the adhesive letters onto some of your novelty paper.  I tapered the top edges of my tag to give it more of a nostalgic look. Use a small length of ribbon to hang it from one of the branches.

10.   To complete the look, tie various ribbons into a bow around one of the branches and add a small pumpkin off to one side.

Final step… hang your Halloween basket on your front door and enjoy.

    Happy Halloween!


Blog Posted By: Shelly Doezier-Mckee

  1. jen shears

    What a fun way to welcome the little goblins! 🙂

  2. Karen Baker

    This is unbeleivable! Love the tranformation.

  3. Pam Loris

    Oh, I love this! I rarely buy pre-made door decor, and rarely make door decor!! But this is great, will have to see if I can scrounge up something to use as the basket! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Karen

    Very cute!

  5. Pam Sivage

    Spooktacular !!!! A great idea!

  6. Erika M

    This is so cute!

  7. Charlene

    Awesomely creative, Shelly!


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