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Halloween Decorating with May Arts

haloween ribbon

This weeks idea is straightforward.  I purposefully used items found around my house, filled them with something creepy and tied a ribbon.  Find clear glass jars, bowls, cake stands-anything, add some Halloween ribbon and you have an instant party ready display! This idea can then be adapted for ANY Occasion.  From Valentine’s to Birthday to a Graduation!

halloween ribbon

  • A jar that held Olives, filled with spider rings and tied with sheer spider web ribbon (BX)

halloween ribbon

  • A sugar bowl (minus the lid) filled with white buttons and googley eyes of all sizes.  The grosgrain stitched edge (MH) was adhered with glue dots and then the eyes were placed over the adhesive on the inside of the bowl.

halloween ribbon

  • Footed glass centerpiece- a wedding gift over 10 years ago- filled with plastic eyeballs and bundles of dark May Arts ribbon! The (XJ) grosgrain circle ribbon seemed perfect to tie on the base.

halloween ribbon

  • Vase filled with colored glass pebbles-purchased in the floral department.  Topped with May Arts (SK) silk and spider rings, tied with (375) Sheer woven check.

halloween ribbon

  • Trifle bowl filled with various purple and green May Arts ribbons, tied with grosgrain two-tone (EH)

halloween ribbon

  • Oversized candy jar filled with yummy May Arts ribbon bundles and orange spider rings, lip of the jar tied with orange and black solid check (KB)

halloween ribbon

  • Candlestick, place a few objects on the base, tie some of the new sheer woven check (375) to the handle.

halloween ribbon

  • If you don’t have clear glass—any bowl will do!  Wrap your ribbons and tie with burlap string (sm08) for a crafty party give away!  Much sweeter than candy!

halloween ribbon

  • No bowls?  That’s ok!  Pile your ribbon bundles, place a raven on top and call it a nest!
  1. jen shears

    So much fun! Ok, I guess I’ll love the layered M&Ms since the googly eyes have already been so popular! 😀

  2. Charlene

    I agree with Lexi…the googly eye bowl gets my that jar of gorgeous ribbons!

  3. Lexi

    Now that is a Halloween party I would like to attend!! I think the googly eye bowl is my fav 🙂


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