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Halloween Bucket

Day 4 of May Arts / Tattered Angels Blog Week

Halloween Bucket



• May Arts ribbon
            – 1 yard – 1.5" black pleated ribbon (379-15-10)
            – 1 yard – 1.5" green scalloped ribbon (EN46)
            – 3 yards – 1/8" fuchsia polka-dot ribbon (BB25)

Tattered Angels products:
            – glimmer mist – blackberry cordial
            – glimmer mist chalkboard – medallion
            – glimmer glam glitter paint – blizzard

• black plastic bucket – 9 inch
• clear gloss spray paint
• newspaper strips / paper mache glue mixture
• 1 large black & 2 tiny white pom poms
• 3 black pipe cleaners
• double sided tape
• glue gun
• scissors



step 1 – using a store bought, or home mixed paper mache glue, attach newspaper strips to the cauldron, randomly filling in the sides and bottom. let dry overnight.



step 2 – spray blackberry cordial glimmer mist onto adhered newspaper until desired color is achieved. let dry.

step 3 – spray medallion glimmer mist over entire bucket, inside and out. let dry and seal with a coat of clear gloss spray paint.

step 4 – cut green scalloped ribbon in half lengthwise. lay black pleated ribbon right side down and line top and bottom with double sided tape. adhere green ribbon so that 1/8" extends beyond black ribbon. tape the top half of the custom ribbon all the way around the cauldron. *taping just the top will allow the bottom to billow out a bit.



step 5 – to finish ribbon trim, glue the fuchsia polka-dot ribbon down the center line of the pleat.



step 6 – take remaining polka-dot ribbon and wrap around handle with double stick tape applied to the underside of the handle. knot at beginning and end.

step 7 – for spider, hold black pom pom up to the opened bottle of glam glitter paint and invert. repeat several times until glitter is covering 3/4 of spider body. let dry.

step 8 – twist the center of 3 piper cleaners so they become one unit, then hot glue center to bottom of black pom pom. next, glue spider to rim of bucket and bend pipe cleaners to look like legs. hot glue each bend of the leg onto the bucket to hold in place. glue tiny white pom poms onto spider body as eyes.

step 9 – fill bucket with your favorite halloween candy and display!

Download the pdf for this tutorial here!


Blog post by: Tiffin Mills


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  1. Sue McRae

    Love the paper mache idea for this project!

  2. Mindy

    Super clever- you need to sell these!!!

  3. Rebecca Ednie

    Cool project. Tfs!

  4. MARIA

    such a great idea!!!

  5. Monika/buzsy

    Oh, how fabulous! Love the ribbons. :o)

  6. Denise Bryant

    Cute idea! Makes a great candy basket.

  7. Melinda Wilson

    Super cute idea!

  8. Kathy P

    YUM! I want to reach into this cute little bucket and grab that Tootsie Pop!!!

  9. Sue D

    Very spooky cool!

  10. kas

    How cool is that?!?!


    i love the papier mache element. very different!

  12. Janet Sisk

    What a fun project! I love the pleated ribbon and the adorable spider. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

  13. Marcia D.

    This is such a cute treat bucket. Love the pleated ribbon!

  14. Rufus

    Great ideas, love that pleated ribbon. Thanks for sharing.

  15. jean marmo

    So so cute!!

  16. Tanya P

    So cute and fun!

  17. Nicole

    This would be so cute to use to give out candy!

  18. Kelly Sas

    So much more fun to hold candy in than a plan bucket! Thanks for the great idea.

  19. lalo

    All that ribbon just adds that extra something to the basket…LOVE!!!

  20. Michelle Smith

    Cute project!

  21. nitasha

    This little candy bucket is too cute and thank you for the pdf tutorial!

  22. NinaN

    That looks great! I need to make one for Halloween!

  23. Ashley N Newell

    How super cute!

  24. Helen LeBrett

    Great basket: I can see it done for fall, easter, 4th of july, just by changing the colors that you mist the paper with and changing the ribbon colors!! thanks for the idea!

  25. Khristen Foss

    So cute, love it, especially that awesome pleated ribbon 🙂

  26. Holly Tolman

    This is an awesome idea. The kids would have a blast filling it too!

  27. McStamper

    What a cute idea!

  28. Jan Hennings

    Such a cute idea!

  29. Tammy Valley

    This is so cute!

  30. Kim H

    Love this candy container, the handle wrapped with ribbon is a nice touch. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Anita A

    Cool idea!

  32. Jingle

    This is so fun! I love it!

  33. {vicki}

    lovin this bucket!


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