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Hair Clip Organizer

Day 4 of May Arts / Petaloo Blog week!

Hair Clip Organizer

Can a girl get any luckier? May Arts ribbon combined with all kinds of gorgeous Petaloo embellishments- a match made in heaven for this girl!

I’ve got a few projects to show you- we’ll start with this ribbon hair clip organizer!



I thought it would be fun to show off some of the pretty hair clips my daughter has, and combining ribbon & flowers did the trick!

I started with a D-ring and something called a ‘woodruff key’. Now when you go to the hardware store looking for the D-ring & the hardware guy scratches his head & says you can probably only get that online- don’t believe him. *wink* The ‘woodruff key’ I got to weight down the bottom a bit- I’d probably go with a rectangular shape next time.



Here’s my pretty supplies.



I’ve used Petaloo flowers from the Bristol collection and May Arts 1.5” satin/grosgrain double band.



Originally I was going to loop the ribbon over the D-ring & use fabri-tac (beacon adhesive), but didn’t like how much of the gold ring that showed. The answer? More ribbon of course! I wrapped the 5/8” satin/grosgrain band ribbon around the D-ring & used the fabri-tac to secure the end.



Now back to wrapping the 1.5” ribbon around the much prettier D-ring!



Next I wrapped the bottom of the ribbon around the ‘weight’ & sealed up the edges with fabri-tac



Here it is hung on the wall



I added some Petaloo glitter critters for a fun addition!



Next up- a REALLY fun gift using the Petaloo Daisy & Dahlia box blends! Start with the hairclips (you can find these at beauty supply stores) and May Arts 3/8” grosgrain. You can see how to wrap the ribbon here.



Add flowers! (you really get a ton in these boxes!)



Stack your flowers in combos that you love & attach them to your ribbon covered clips!



I’ve created several pretty clips & used the photo box the Daisy box blends come in for packaging.



I also prettied up the box a bit more with 1.5” sheer/satin stitched center, a Petaloo dahlia & a velvet butterfly.



A perfect gift!

Next up a pretty card using the Petaloo petite roses and May Arts ½” solid/wrinkled ribbon!



I stamped a little card (all stamp/cardstock PTI) & added lots of the mini roses, even to the center of the bow!



I love this so much I may have to frame it!

You can see why this was such a fun swap! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Petaloo! Head over to their website to see the amazing variety they offer!

Thank you so much to Petaloo! And thank you for your time! I hope you’ve been inspired to play with ribbon & flowers!!!


Blog Post by: Jen Shears

  1. Cheryl Cohen

    Wow…thank you for the time you spent creating such a wonderful tutorial using our flowers! Not only did you make an adorable little clip holder with our flowers, but all the clips too! We are so impressed and appreciative! The card was a bonus too! Thank you from Petaloo!!

  2. Sue D

    My granddaughers would love the hair clip organizers.

  3. DeniseB

    Reminds me of all the hairclips my daughter had when she was little! She is 28 now!

  4. -Agnes-

    Love the card with the mini roses!

  5. Megan McDonald

    Jen your amazing!!

  6. Kristie Maynard

    Very nice project! TFS!

  7. Brittani

    Great project! I will have to try this out! TFS!

  8. Anita A

    Stunning projects! I love the idea of custom hair clips.

  9. erin t

    Stunning project, way to work some serious magic.

  10. Carol

    Love it all, great ribbon holder and hair clips!

  11. Charlene

    I am so making this for our granddaughter! That card is just gorgeous, Jen!

  12. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! I love the clip holder and this would be a great project to make for my niece!

  13. jengd

    I know lots of little girls who would go crazy for that clip holder and the barrettes. The card is beautiful- the roses pop off wonderfully.

  14. Lisa

    What a fabulous bunch of projects! Love the hair clip holder.

  15. sue w.

    I like all the ribbon wrapped hair clips …. just might have to make a few for my niece.
    stamping sue

  16. Katie B.

    You have thought of such a great idea! What a fun project and pretty display for clips, especially those that you have made. Good summer project. Also love the card you made. I especially like the little flower on the ribbon. Thank you for sharing.

    Katie B.


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