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Greeting Card Keeper

If keeping your greeting cards sorted and organized is a problem for you, like it is for me, I have a fun and easy project for you today…A Greeting Card Keeper.


The ideas for this card keeper came to me when I went to find a card I wanted to send, and spent 20 minutes digging through boxes before I found it.  I said to myself, “there has to be a better way”, and there was.




The key components of the Greeting Card Keeper are a 3-ring binder and pocket divider files. Along with that, you’ll need an assortment of decorative scrapbook paper, a selection of May Arts Ribbon and lots of embellishments.


Here’s a complete list of supplies needed to create your Card Keeper:

  • White 3”  3-ring binder
  • Decorative Scrapbook Paper—Assorted Patterns
  • Embellishments:  Brads, Paper Flowers, Felt Flowers, Sticker Letters
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors and Paper Cutter

And lots of Creativity!



Before you begin making your Card Keeper, determine the number of card categories you want, which will determine how many pocket dividers you’ll make.


I created pockets for the card themes I send the most:  Birthday, Love, Special Occasion, Sympathy, Inspire, Thank You & Thinking of You.


The first step in making your Card Keeper is to cover the fronts of each pocket divider with decorative scrapbook paper.  You’ll only be covering the front of the pocket, not the entire divider.  Once each divider is covered, hole punch the paper so that the bottom ring hole is exposed.



Next, you’ll begin decorating each pocket with the card theme identified.  Here’s a look at each of my card pockets.  I’ve listed the elements used on each for easy reference.



For my Birthday pocket, I used a small green and white dot paper as the background. To embellish the pocket, I created small loops of ED46 ribbon to run along the top edge of my pocket.  Because this ribbon is reversible, I alternated the color pattern.


I placed 373-15-23 ribbon down the center of the pocket and layered my dot ribbon on top.  Bazzill Basics Cardstock Strips edged the sides of my pocket and I finished it all off with silk flower brads, K& Company bubble letters and a Creative Imagination Epoxy Celebrate sticker.



To create my Love pocket, I used a lavender and white paper as the background (on a bit shows).  341-47 Satin Diamond ribbon was placed along the bottom of the pocket and MH47, Grosgrain Stitch edge ribbon was ruffled along the top edge or my diamond ribbon and down the sides of the pocket.  Parlour Magic round lettered disc by Wendy Addison (available from Chronicle Books) spelled out LOVE.  Small purple brads held the disc in place. 



My Special Occasion pocket holds cards for baby showers, wedding showers, graduation, etc.  I used a large floral paper as the background and scalloped WT06 ribbon along the top edge and in the center of the pocket.


Next, I cut a 2 ¾” square from pink dot paper and layered a scalloped edge decorative paper on top.  I framed the pink dot square in NQ46 ribbon and added a felt flower to the bottom edge of the square.  The lace trimmed square was placed in the center of my pocket.



Red, White and Blue paper created the backdrop for my Sympathy pocket.  I placed a scalloped cardstock edge along the top of the pocket, added a red bow made from TH14 ribbon, and then layered on a Jenni Bowlin vellum butterfly.  A scalloped edge paper square has the word Sympathy handwritten on it.



A fun yellow and cream lattice paper was used to cover the pocket front.  Small pieces of ARR27 Ric Rac ribbon in yellow were placed along the left side of my pocket to create flower stems.  Two bands of AKN27 ribbon were placed along the right side of the pocket.  White paper daisies were placed atop the ric rac and plaid ribbon to form bouquets.  I then made small bows from my plaid ribbon and placed them under my flowers.  The word INSPIRE was spelled out using K&Company’s Marcella by K Dome Stickers.



I wanted my Thank You pocket to be bold so I used a teal and white patterned paper as the background.  355-15 dot ribbon was placed along top and bottom of my pocket page.  I added large Doodlebug Design Brads to the top corners of my page.

I framed a light blue paint strip card (yeah, those free paint cards from Home Depot), with TH34 Turquoise Mesh Ribbon.  I scalloped the ribbon around the edge of the paint card.  Glue Art Adhesive worked great to hold the ribbon in place.  THANK YOU was spelled out using American Crafts Thicker letters.



A fun diagonal stripe paper, in fun colors made the pocket of this page pop.  I place my red mesh ribbon (TH14) in four vertical bands along the front of the pocket.  I then placed the fun plaid ribbon (MN42) on top of the mesh ribbon and added a solid colored brad in the center of each band.  Another free paint chip was used as the centerpiece, but was a bit more decorative because I used my Fiskars Decorative Edge Scissors along the edge.  A Making Memories Cheeky Board Clip held a tag with Thinking of You on it.  I used Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive squares to hold the clip in place.



The last step in creating my Greeting Card Keeper was to decorate the front and back of my binder.  I placed 12” x 12” paper along the front and ¾ of the way around the spine of my binder.  And then the idea of a lace-up detail popped into my head.


I punched holes along the edge of the paper that covered the spine of the binder and used 340-22 solid grosgrain ribbon to lace up the two edges.



I then ran horizontal bands of ribbon along the front of the binder and finished it off with a layered paper stack on the right side, and a scalloped paper edge along the left. 



When the time comes to add more card themes to my Greeting Card Keeper, all I have to do is pull out my supplies and create more pockets.  But until then, I’m going to enjoy that my greeting cards are organized in such a stylish way!


Hope you enjoyed my project and are inspired to create something today with some beautiful May Arts ribbon.


Blog Post By: Shelly Dozier-Mckee

  1. Janet Zeppa

    A marvelous idea!

  2. Nancy Peterson

    Awesome and so easy to change up in whatever way works best for you. Love it! Keep trying to win some of those beautiful ribbons so I can do some things like that. Beautiful!

  3. Pam Loris

    This is fabulous! Such a great idea for storing cards!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Andrea

    Awesome job Shelly!! I love how am I gonna fix this projects. They are so rewarding especially when they are also beautiful!!

  5. Susan L

    A very very neat idea, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Crafty Math-Chick

    What a terrific project (and use of ribbons!!). I love the ribbon loop tabs! Thanks for the cool idea.

  7. Charlene

    Great idea, Shellie, and so cute! Love the corset lace up design on the binding.

  8. Kristie Maynard

    Very cute idea! I love the lacing up the binding of the book, very creative!

  9. DJ

    Great idea, with the ribbon, I use something similar but did not decorate it, don’t know why, now i have no excuses!!

  10. Dawnll

    This is such a fun idea to use so many ribbons…definite eye candy


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