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Gratitude Journal


Day 4 – May Arts / Jenni Bowlin Week!

Gratitude Journal

I live a blessed life. And sometimes I need to be reminded of that.

I love the vintage look of Jenni Bowlin Studios products and when I combined them with an inexpensive thrift store book and some beautiful May Arts ribbon I crafted a gratitude journal to record my blessings throughout the year, both big and small.

The 25 cent old book I found was in dire need of a new life and was already held together with tape so I didn't feel too bad about reinventing it 😉 The cover was a great red color with the edges already worn so it was perfect for this project!


To bind the album I used RG33 and began by tucking the ribbon on the inside of the covers. I used double sided tape adhesive throughout and it seemed to work great.


Add the double sided tape to the outside of the two covers and secure your ribbon.


It will look like this


Here is the front cover of the mini using lots of Jenni Bowlin Studios products and three different May Arts ribbons. I used a journaling card to house my bingo alphabet title and tied it all up with SM10.


When I cut my ribbon for the binding I made it extra long to serve as  a bookmark for my journal.


Each page is a bit different, but the combination of Jenni Bowlin Studios products tie them all together. I also left lots of space for journal and adding pictures.


I love how the paper I used on the cover already has that worn, vintage look to it without having to do a thing! You can also see here that I used some crochet trim 361-78-09 on the inside cover edges as an overhang.


And a few close ups…used my favorite ribbon in green 372-15-06 to create a decorate spot to house a crochet flower and those beautiful stick pins


The metal piece here is actually by American Crafts, but I used some Jenni Bowlin Studios patterned paper to peek through the keyhole 🙂


 I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can turn a secondhand book into a gratitude journal! If you have any questions please let us know and have a BLESSED day 🙂


Blog Posted By: Lexi Bridges


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  1. Suz

    Lex, your gratitude journal turned out awesome! How fun it will be to look back years from now and read what you are grateful for now.

    (As for me, I’m grateful for our friendship!)

  2. Marie / Legojenta

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful project =)

  3. jen shears

    This is gorgeous!!!

  4. Charlene

    Really original idea, Lexi! Will have to try this for sure.

  5. Pam Loris

    Very awesome book! I still have not tried this yet!

  6. Sav O'G

    what a fabby journal–love that ribbon and those colors together! FABBBBB!

  7. Karen K

    Nice gratitude journal and that is a great idea to remind ourselves about the great things in life.

  8. Rosemary D

    what a beautiful journal!

  9. Kelly massman

    I really love this beautiful journal!!! We need more gratitude in this world.

  10. Kelly massman

    How beautiful!

  11. Amy Serbaroli

    What a fun journal, love the way it turned out!

  12. Beth W

    I needed to see this today. thank you for the perfect inspiration.


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