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Glittered Seashell Ornaments

Hello everyone! Emily Lanham here with another handmade ornament project today! This one may be a little different from the rest because it’s not your “typical” ornament.

Just to jog your memory… here’s my tree (it was posted with the Oh Christmas Tree post as well). I decided to do a beachy/coastal themed tree this year. Though I live in Ohio and far away from the beach (unless the beaches of the Ohio River count), the colors and thought of the beach makes me happy.

So I decided to make some glitter seashell ornaments! These are so pretty, especially when the lights reflect off of them.

Start off by spraying your seashells with spray adhesive (I used 3M’s Super 77)

Sprinkle the shells with glitter. I put mine in a box to avoid a large mess. Let dry then tap off excess glitter.

I decided to try a more sheer ribbon than the ribbon pictured above. So I used 1” Sheer/Nylon ribbon in teal (NE04).

Tie a loop with the ribbons. You can also tie some bows to add as well.

Glue the shells together or use single shells. Attach ribbon loops to the back with hot glue. Add bow.

Now you’re ready to decorate your tree with beautiful seashells! You don’t have to have a beach themed tree to do this, pick any color of glitter and jazz up your tree with these simple DIY ornaments!

Blog post by: Emily Lanham

May Arts Ribbon Used:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Seashells
  • Glitter
  • Adhesive (hot glue & spray adhesive)
  1. Marilyn

    Too late for this year – but I can doing this for some summer decorating too!  Beautiful work!

  2. sherry b

    TFS.  Love how the glitter came out on the sea shells.

  3. Renee VanEpps

    What a great idea!  These are gorgeous!  I love that adhesive spray, so great for everything 😉

  4. katie brooks

    I just bought a can of that spray glue today! Cannot. Wait to try something like this!

  5. Margie Visnick

    Stunning and gorgeous!

  6. Holly Tolman

    Wow, these are amazing!

  7. Jessica S.

    Very beautiful!  Such a creative idea. 🙂

  8. Sue D

    So pretty!!

  9. Diana Pyeatt

    Hope I have time to try this before I have to take down the Christmas tree.  Today, I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping.   This is very pretty.

  10. Charlene

    Beautiful…off to glitter all my seashells!

  11. kathy/NorthCarolina

    You are so brave!  I have a fear of glitter….but your shells are gorgeous!


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