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Gift Wrapping Ribbon Contest Winner

We were absolutely delighted this week with the record
number of comments.   Everyone’s ideas
were wonderfully inspirational & fun to read!   As a
thank you, we are going to do something a little new!  We have added 2 ‘bonus’ prizes of 4 – 3 yards spools of your choice! 
Without further delay, here are our winners this week:


  • First prize goes out to Rebecca Ednie:

“I like to make
card sets with matching boxes. I love adding ribbon belly bands but I hate the
idea that my carefully tied bow would get undone and the receiver couldn’t
retie it! So I came up with a way to make the belly band stretchy making it
easy to replace! You can see my tutorial here.  
Hope you enjoy it!!”

Congratulations, Rebecca! 
We loved the belly band idea! 
What a fantastic way to reuse something beautiful.


  • Our first bonus prize is awarded to Misty:

“I’m a fan of
simple bows and try to make gift wrapping kits to have available on short
notice! I also love to use my scrapbooking paper to wrap small gifts because
they are so unique used that way, and the tons of ribbon that can be found to
match makes my heart sing =D”

What a creative idea, Misty! 
Congratulations to you too! Using what you have on hand in new ways is
always inspiring to us.


  • Last, but certainly not least, our final bonus prize goes out
    to Lesley Mark:

“I love to buy a
plain gift bag, and then decorate it with the same papers I used for the card.
I also replace the ribbon handles (which are usually cheap cord) with the same
ribbon I used on the card.”

Lesley, we thought sprucing up a gift bag was a great technique!  A lovely way to take something store bought &
personalize it!  Congratulations!


Ladies, congratulations to you all!  We always love to
see pictures, so please feel free to send us some photos at [email protected]!  We will gladly
post them for everyone to see!  Please forward your shipping information
& your ribbon selections to the email address above!

you to everyone for making this our most successful contest yet!  For those of you who didn’t win, click on the
link below for this week’s contest.  There’s always a contest running on the May Arts Blog, so be sure to keep
coming back for more!

Who knows how much
we will really give away…


This Week’s Contest: The Many Ways To Use Ribbon!

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