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Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

Today, we have a very special guest on the May Arts Ribbon Blog!  Please help us welcome Cathi O'Neill!  She will be doing a series of posts with us, so we hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.  Don't forget to post your comments at the end!

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

I just love May Arts Ribbons and I wanted to use them this year to dress up some of my Christmas packages!!!  There is no need for step by step instructions for this project. I just used the great new Elastic Ribbon in brown (465-58-33) and wrapped a length around my packages, using some hot glue to join the ends together.  After that I simply cut lengths of my favorite ribbons and layered them. I added an ornament to each package and tied them all together around the elastic ribbon. I love the look of the brown paper and simple doilies and the layered gorgeousness of the ribbons.  You can glue all the layers to each other, or you can do like I did for my crafty friends, aside from the elastic ribbon, I simply layered the beautiful lengths of ribbons. When you untie the bow you can take the gorgeous pieces of ribbon (and the doilies and kraft paper wrapping for that matter) you can use those on craft projects, a beautiful package and some extra goodies, how great is that!! The ornament can be hung right up on the tree as part of your gift as well. For those that like the look of the package decoration, they can also simply slip them off their own gift and reuse them on a package they were giving as well!

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

For this first package I started with a few doilies from my stash, slipped my Elastic Ribbon over the package, then began my decor with a base of the gorgeous Wired Burlap Ribbon.  Then I chose the gorgeous Woven Chevron Striped Ribbon in red (443-15-14). I then took the gorgeous Burlap Center Stitch Ribbon in red (463-58-14) and some gorgeous  Frayed Flowers Ribbon in ivory (393-25-09).  I used the Burlap String in Ivory (SM-09) on my handmade and stamped ornament and tied the whole package together with the Burlap String in Natural (SM-10).


Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

For this next lovely package I started with a large doily background, then slipped my Elastic Ribbon on again so I could build up my package decoration.  I again used the Wired Burlap Ribbon for my base. Next I chose the beautiful Woven Stripes Ribbon in olive green (454-15-16) and some fun Pom Pom String in antique gold (462-32). I then put a snowflake ornament I purchased on top and used the Twill Ribbon w/ Chevron Stripes in champagne (382-14-02) to tie them all together.


Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

For my final package I again used a doily as a base, then slipped on the Elastic Ribbon and used the Wired Burlap Ribbon. My next layer features the Natural Burlap with a Striped Edge and then again I used the  Burlap Center Stitch Ribbon in red. I added a lovely glittery reindeer ornament and then tied all the layers together with the Solid Wrinkled Ribbon in ivory (EA-09).

I hope you have enjoyed these simple ideas for package decor and if you are a ribbon lover like me the receiving is just as fun as the making!!!


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  1. Amy Harlan

    Beauutifully done Cathi love the vintage feel to these packages and your post is perfectlly done! Your work is always so clean and elegant! Classy Classy Classy! xxoo

  2. TracyM #6773

    BEAUTIFUL wrapping and very CLEVER & THOUGHTFUL idea too!!!
    LOVE that you can use the pretty ribbons & trims after unwrapping or that, with the wonderful elasticised ribbon, you can use it to wrap another gift – WIN-WIN!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing your BEAUTIFUL inspiration 🙂

  3. Ava Gavloski

    very creative and nice showcasing of the May Arts ribbon

  4. sandeeNC

    Gorgeous presents under the tree!!

  5. RKSmith

    Now this is some beautiful work. I suggest having a number of Christmas present boxes wrapped in such a beautiful manner kept to put under the tree each year (until or unless the regular presents start to want to take over – lol) So keep the pressies for use year after year, and put them away carefully with tender loving care so to be ready for the next Happy Christmas!!!!!! Love! the D…

  6. Keren

    I just love the way Cathi gift wrapped those presents. its an amazing way to use the ribbons and perfect for the holidays.

  7. Connie Hall

    Very Vintage Christmas. They are all lovely. Great Job Cathi!

  8. Renea Harrison

    So beautiful and elegant!

  9. Pat

    Lovely work! So elegant !

  10. elena olinevich

    These are so beautiful. They remind me about cozy evening with my family and what a great idea to present some special gifts in kraft and brown – creamy tones

  11. Monica Lowrance

    Great idea!!!
    So beautiful.

  12. Gisele

    Cathi, your posts are always so well put together; the boxes are beautiful; I am sure your friends will love them, and I love the ideas of recycling, or putting on the tree.

    Merry Christmas xoxooxooxox

  13. Sarah

    So pretty. I would not dare to open the presents…that’s just me. Terrific job, Cathi! I love to see your creative juice in the making. Each one is so unique and beautiful.

  14. LisaGregoryn

    All of the layering is simply fantastic and the gifts are adorned so beautifully!! Great job using all of that ribbon. The burlap is awesome!!

  15. Carla Hundley

    Oh how pretty, send me
    a present please! Great
    Carla from Utah


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