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Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

Spring is here in full force! These pint-size burlap bins showcase the emergence of flittering birds and bright, colorful flowers and are perfect for spring gift-giving or decorating!

Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins 

As usual, I created these pint-sized burlap bins with only a few supplies! May Arts 2.5” Wired Burlap Ribbon (offered also in Linen and Green which would work well for this project!) and May Arts Burlap String, along with a large needle and scissors were all that I needed.

 Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

I started by forming the bin by overlapping two 8” lengths of the wired burlap, and then bent the ribbon where each of the lengths met, forming a box.

 Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

Then I stitched each side together with a simple loop stitch using Burlap String in Grape, starting at the bottom and working my way to the top.

Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

Stitching the four sides was enough to keep the shape of the bin. You can add more finishing details if you’d like but stitching the bottom pieces together, or on the top as well. I just trimmed up the top pieces to make sure they were all even.

 Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

The bin is quite sturdy and there is a nice base, so you can pretty much fill the bin with anything! I added some moss, a twig bird nest and finished with a pre-decorated paper-mache bird.

 Gift Wrap Idea- Mini Burlap Bins

These bins can be used for a variety of purposes! Use them as place settings on your spring-time meal table by sticking a name tag into the moss. Fill them with sweets and add a handle made from a color-coordinated ribbon to hang on a door for a special surprise. Add a mini potted plant to give to a teacher for a last day of school thank you gift.

By Karen Baker


Other Supplies Used:

  • Large Needle


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  1. Mary Mac

    Cute idea for my nieces birthday party which is “nature” themed.

  2. Carla Hundley

    Pretty cute and
    easy to make!
    Carla from Utah


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