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Get Inky with Splash of Color!


I am so excited to announce that May Arts Ribbon and Splash of Color have teamed up to bring you some very colorful inspiration!  Each month we will be combining our ribbon and their fabulous paints and inks on a series of projects to show you just how well they work together!  Today is Splash of Color's turn, so be sure to hop on over and see what they have got planned for today.  You could win some Twinkling H20's and ribbon of your own. 

Be sure to come back here tomorrow for even more ribbon and paints.  Here is a little sneak peek of what we'll have featured:


See you tomorrow!  🙂


Check out our 2013-14 Design Team Finalists for another chance to win! 


The Ribbon Lady

  1. michele i

    these are cute, love the colors of ribbon

  2. Angel Chambers

    Oh this is cool! Every month there will be new ideas! How fun! Can’t wait to see all of them!

  3. Dea

    Love the summer colours.



  4. stamping sue

  5. Jessica kephart

    Ohhhh yippee!! This sounds like so much fun!!


  6. Natasha Poteraj

    I think that your companies will work well together. I have never dyed ribbon or lace before, but would really like to try it.

  7. Sharon Gullikson

    WOE, gorgeous colors!!!!!!

  8. Ava Gavloski

    very interesting, all the best on this venture


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