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For The Love Of Autumn

Autumn Journal

Ribbon journal

A simple journal or photo album, becomes a treasured heirloom with May
Arts Ribbon. The ribbon wreath is glued to the cover in colors of the
season. A length of grosgrain ribbon embellishes the spine, adhered
with double-sided tape.
Used in this sample; Wreath: Brown (HA33) and Antique Gold (HA32)
Satin. Spine: Brown Grosgrain (QH33).

my instructional video "Ribbon Weaving" to learn
how to make the wreath.



3 Boxes, 3 Ways

I love the fall season. Autumn lets me gift teensy surprises
every month.

Ribbon boxes

  • For my dog-walking friends, a
    small novelty flashlight for the longer nights.

bow is Silver Sheer (C31) and Silver Metallic Eyelash (PT31), Black Net (EM10),
Orange Leaves (BY28). Surround gift box sides and secure with double sided tape
Black Sheer Wired Print (335-10).


  • For Halloween, homemade pumpkin
    seed brittle.

is a simple knot using Black Net (EM10), shredding the width into 3 strands and
knotting the ends, for a spider legs effect. Tie short strands of Orange Ric
Rac (330-28) and Black Leaves (BY10) into the knot at top. Surround gift box
with Sheer Spiders (BX28).


  • For Thanksgiving, honey roasted
    almonds for all my guests to take home.

Tuxedo-pleat Black
Grosgrain (QH10) and a narrower Brown Grosgrain (QH33) to surround gift box.
Tie the top with a single loop of the same Brown Grosgrain and bow with Brown
Satin (HA33).

Tuxedo fold box




Ribbon centerpiece


Hide your I-pod and speakers as it plays creepy, ghoulish
tunes under a gift box decorated for the season. In a retail store environment,
use as a focal point-of- purchase to feature a collection of black candles,
lotions and potions, novelty accessories, or seasonal relishes.

Used in this sample: Sheer Spiders
(BX28), Grosgrain Ric Rac (ER28), Black Grograin (QH10), Black Eyelash (PT10),
Sheer Black Dots (JD10), White Grosgrain Circles (XJ01).


Halloween Party Hat

Ribbon sconce


Turn those paper party hats upside down, then fill with your
favorite trick or treat. Remove the usual elastic band, and replace with a
ribbon strap to hang on the backs of chairs. Staple small strips of ribbon
closely together, around the rim of the hat.

Used in this sample: Sheer
Spiders (BX28), Violet Satin (HA47), Gold Eyelash (PT30), Black Leaves (BY10),
Copper Crush (UK36). Strap is made with Violet Velvet (PV47).


Wishing everyone a Happy Autumn,


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