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Flower Loop Bows and Creative Gift Wrap

Ribbon flowers

At the last birthday party I attended all of the presents
were packaged in gift bags.  Bag, bag,
bag, bag.  The gift bag is handy,
reusable and oh so convenient, however, I really missed the beautifully packaged
gift!   I LOVE the idea of reusing items,
so my mission was to create wrapping that was a bit eclectic, Earth-friendly
and EASY!

To go along w/ my eco-friendly gift wrap- I made re-usable,
multi-purpose, flower loop bows.  These
fun, multi-layered bows are often used as hair bows.  Just attach one to a clip or barrette and you
have a fabulous hair accessory. Often you will see Flower loop bows made with
the same width of ribbon.  I wanted to
mix it up a bit so I played with the fabric of ribbons as well as the width.

(If you like these bows and want to make some for yourself,
A Flower loop bow how-to video will be posted on the May Arts blog in 2 weeks)


Ribbon flowers

The packaging
For this gift I simply put it in a photo box, and shut the lid!  These are as easy as gift bags, and very
attractive.  They come in patterns, all
colors and are quite inexpensive.  These
boxes are perfect for reusing over and over!

 The bow  I wanted to
make a bow that was “gender neutral” so I used browns, tans and turquoise
ribbons with a  button center for the
bow. A matching band of  ribbon around
the box completes the package.

(May Arts ribbons used: (WF) Grosgrain/Circles, (DD94, DD02)
Grosgrain/Dots, (BD33) Grosgrain/Center dot, (DH33) Grosgrain/Dots, (WK94) Grosgrain/Stripes, (WM47) Solid/Variegated stripes.)


Ribbon flowers

The packaging
As I was working on this project,  the
weekly free newspaper was delivered to my door step.  Serendipity. I instantly remembered how my
in-laws have been recycling newspaper as gift wrap for decades–  I love the idea of using what is right in
front of you.

The Bow    Keeping with the newsprint theme…I went with
a black and white (and read all over…) bow.
The center of the flower is a piece of chipboard that reads…”EVERYDAY

Arts ribbons used: (331) Grosgrain/White ovals, (DD10) Grosgrain/Dots, (WB10) Grosgrain/Stripe, (AKN10) Solid/Check)


Ribbon flowers

The packaging  For this gift I repurposed a leather pencil
holder.  I simply turned it upside down
and slipped it over the gift.

The bow   The (333) Grosgrain/Horizontal lines ribbon
was perfect for my flower loop bow.  This
ribbon is fun and festive and PERFECT for a party!  The center is an over sized paper covered


Ribbon flowers

The packaging
I knew I wanted to use scrap fabric as a packaging idea…the United States
fabric seemed the right fit for this project.

The Bow   I picked bright yellows and orange ribbons
with a bright yellow button center for this bow.

(May Arts ribbons used: (DD27) Grosgrain/Dots center (333) Grosgrain/Horizontal lines)


Ribbon flowers

The packaging.  This might be the zaniest packaging of the
lot.  A piece of linen that was a window
valance!  Yes.  ANYTHING can work!!!!

The Bow  This bow is perhaps my favorite.  I used a mix of fabric ribbon…lace, sheer,
grosgrain…green, pink and orange. SIGH.
This bow makes me happy!!!  For
the center of my bow I used paper flowers.

(May Arts ribbon used:
(335) Sheer/Print, (BS06) Solid/Iridescent, (NP46) Crochet, (NQ 28) Lace, (WH 28) Reversible/Grosgrain)


Ribbon flowers

Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

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  1. Emma-jane

    Hi Leah
    I literally just stumbled across this old post this weekend and was dumbstruck at how my brooches and your ribbon bows are look soooo similar. I absolutely LOVE your wrapping and bows, truly inspiring and would love to chat to you and compare notes.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Emma-jane Yon

  2. rooja

    hi.they are very nice.

  3. takisha davis

    OMG – this is some yummilicious ribbon!!
    Thanks so much

  4. Tam OConnell

    I love your ribbon ideas. I love to use recycled brown paper bags as my wrapping paper so, the ribbon stands out more. I also like to mix recyled rope or binding tape with bright beautiful ribbon. I love how the ribbon added to the organic browns really makes a gift look amazing. Thanks for a chance to win your beautiful ribbons.!!!!

  5. Michelle Menser

    May Arts ribbons are beautiful. I adore all the gorgeous colours and textures. I so wish I had an outlet nearby so I may use your ribbons freely, they have no competition in my book lol.

  6. Kelly Jackson

    I love May Art Ribbon. I guess I’d only use this ribbon to make beautiful bows for gifts where I’d be assured of getting the bow back!!! My two little boys would wonder why I wrapped their holiday gifts so grand…..just to get the bow back 🙂

    I love using ribbon for my sewing projects too.

    Your ribbons are lovely.

  7. christine

    Wow those are beautiful!

  8. nancy T.

    Wowza..those ribbons are just devine. I can’t believe all of the wonderful colors and how they were made into ribbons for packages. What a great idea. Thanks for the chance to win.


  9. Nora

    Thanks for the chance to win some of this lovely ribbon. My scrapbook stores don’t carry most of these delicious treats. Nora

  10. Nora

    I try to get my hands on as much of your delicious ribbon as I can. Please count me in! Thanks.

  11. Angie Easter aka lilacanglia

    These bow flowers are absolutely scrummy,
    thanks for the chance to win

  12. Kiki

    Oh, I like these ribbons and bows. Thanks for the chance to win such a great candy.

    Hugs, Kiki

  13. kimberlee P

    Those bows are amazing!! I can’t wait to learn to make those. Fun!

  14. Magi

    Wonderful and inspiring! Great job!

  15. molly scott

    Using newsprint for wrapping is what we did as kids — it reminds me of the past, and of what is sure to come with greener thinking. Re-usable bows too — thanks!

  16. Maria

    These are so beautiful. My favorite is the blue and brown in the photo box.

  17. Aubrey

    Very fun!!! LOVE all the ribbons!!!!!

  18. Jill

    LOVE these ideas! The super tall stacked bow was my favorite, followed by the black-and-white ensemble. Beautiful, as always, Leah!

  19. Stacy Smith

    Very creative! You inspire me, Leah:)

  20. Jenny

    I love the bows and the packaging. Great idea! I especially like the newspaper and the black and white bow.

  21. Deanne

    Those are wonderful!!!!

  22. Alison

    Those are beautiful bows! I look forward to the video post!

  23. wendi r

    oh wow those are soo gorgeous and pretty!!! love the bows


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