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Festive Paper Lanterns



We have several birthday celebrations coming up in our family and I’ve been put in charge of décor.  As always, I look for inexpensive but stylish ways to decorate for a party, and this time around paper lanterns are my decorative element of choice.

Paper Lanterns come in lots of different sizes, shapes and colors, but in most cases they are a solid color, with little or no detail.  Well, I’m going to remedy that with the help of May Arts Ribbon, and turn my plain paper lanterns into fun & festive party lanterns.

I’m sure you’ll want to add a few lanterns to your next party, so follow along as I show you how to go from ordinary to Outstanding!


Supplies you’ll need:


  • Paper Lanterns—Round is my shape of choice but you can go with a more stylish shape like these if you choose, available from Luna Bazaar.


I purchased my paper lanterns at Hobby Lobby (set of 3 for $7.99 and a coupon of course).



Lantern #1:  Starting with a solid yellow lantern, I ran ribbon vertically around the outside of the lantern.  To secure my ribbon in place, I used Glue Arts Adhesive squares at each end of the ribbon and adhered the ends to the inside of the lantern.  To add a finishing touch to the lantern, I cut a piece of HC46 and looped it over the metal piece at the bottom of the lantern.  I then added a piece of MH28 on top of that and taped the tails.



Lantern # 2—I used a large white lantern as the base and again ran my ribbon vertically around the outside.  I layered the green pom-pom ribbon (346-46) on top of the orange satin ribbon (RP28) to give the lantern some additional dimension.

I tied several pieces of ribbon to the bottom to complete the look.



Lantern #3—To create a different look on my third lantern, I created flowers from my suede leaf ribbon (XL09).  I cut the leaf petals apart, punched a small hole in one end and placed 5 petals onto a decorative brad.  Once the petals were fanned out, it gave me the perfect flower look for my lantern. 

After running lengths of my narrow orange ribbon around the outside of the lantern, I glued my flowers in place.  Ribbon ties hanging from the bottom of the lantern finished it all off.



Once your lanterns are all decorated, hang them in a cluster from fishing line. 



Whatever your party theme, the decorating possibilities are endless when you combine paper lanterns with the incredible ribbon options from May Arts!


Hope you enjoyed this project!


Blog post by: Shelly Dozier-Mckee

  1. Aki

    Cute lantern! And Moon Festival is coming~ keke X”)

  2. Charlene

    Awesome, Shelly!! A great alternative to balloons as these would last so much longer.

  3. Kim H

    Festive is defintely the right adjective. The colors are bright and fun. Thank you for sharing these projects.


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