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Fast and Fabulous

Welcome to Day 2 of May Arts / Glue Arts Blog Week!

Fast & Fabulous!


Hi Fans!!  Today I have a fast and fabulous project using some lovely May Arts Ribbon, and fantastic Glue Arts adhesive.



Supplies include:

  • art canvas sizes 5×7 and 9×12
  • craft paint
  • paint brush
  • flowers
  • brads
  • pinking shears
  • fabric of your choice
  • embellishments
  • hot glue and gun
  • Glue Arts glue glider pro with high tac adhesive dots.



First I painted the biggest art canvas a light shade of pink.  I also painted 4 hearts, two different sizes in yellow and pink.  While these were drying I cut the fabric to fit the smaller art canvas using pinking shears and ironed out the wrinkles.



At this point take your glue glider pro and put adhesive all over the front and two longest sides of the canvas.  Place your material on and press firmly.

Turn canvas over and put adhesive on the back and press your material down.



The two shortest sides will be folded much like gift wrapping. Put adhesive on the top and fold in fabric.

 Put adhesive on the back and fold down tabs.

 Last put adhesive on the top again and back and fold down top flap.



Repeat for the other side and the back should look something like this.



I decided to add a little more flair to my hearts by adding this fun reversible ribbon, ME17 3/8".

Simply put adhesive on the back and press firmly.



Now turn the heart over and do the same to the edges and press down.



I chose to hot glue the hearts on since the back of the biggest heart was not flat anymore.

Add adhesive to ribbons and embellishments and place as desired.



Fast and fabulous!!  It doesn't have to be a Valentine theme to do this just let your imagination run wild. I love using art canvas for all sorts of projects.   Thanks for joining me today!!  For other fun projects join me at



Blog Post By: Andrea Miller

  1. Ryann Salamon

    What a lovely gift this would make. Great ideas here!

  2. Rosemary D

    another super cute project!

  3. Beth W

    I have everything on hand to make some of these-thank you for such wonderful inspiration!

  4. Stacie

    Beautiful decor or gift set!

  5. DeniseB

    Love a fast and fabulous idea! Looks fun!

  6. sandee

    Very cool!

  7. Lara walker

    Great project….LOVE IT!!!! TFS

  8. viji

    Lucky me i have some canvas lyng around at home! I sure can give this a try! I love the idea! and i just picked up some $1 fabric cuts from joanns! Just perfect! Now All I need is ribbon!!

  9. sue w.

    what a fun project. like the idea of covering the canvas and just glueing the fabric to the piece.
    stamping sue

  10. Charlene

    Adorably pinkalicious!

  11. ellen s

    just love how you did that heart! so cool

  12. Joy Hager

    Those are adorable!

  13. Donna Przybylowski

    What a wonderfully fun project and so pretty to boot!! Great Idea, THANKS!!

  14. Janet Sisk

    Cute! Love the quick and easy part. 😀

  15. Tiffany H

    Fun project!

  16. jean marmo

    Wonderful ideas!

  17. Anne Thompson

    I was planning an artist canvas project with paper, but now I’m rethinking it and may use fabric instead. I LOVE this project! Anne, yourmainestamper

  18. conniemelancon

    great project!

  19. Kelly massman

    I like this fun idea!

  20. Kelly massman

    Fun idea!

  21. Casey Marie

    Love it! Think this one would be great to do w the littles. Perfect gifts for teachers & other such.


  22. Pam Loris

    Great use of the canvas! The possiblities are endless with this one!

  23. Becky D

    This is fabulous! Silly me, I thought canvas was only for painting on – you have proven me wrong I am happy to say 🙂

  24. jen shears

    Fast & Fabulous are ALWAYS a great combo! Love it, Andrea!

  25. Mandie W

    What a cute idea!!!! Thanks 🙂

  26. Court

    Fast and fabulous is always great!

  27. {vicki}

    what a great project



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