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Fall / Winter New Releases & a Giveaway – Winners!

May Arts Fall Winter Ribbon

Our first batch of Fall/Winter New Releases are here!  And we have a preview right here of all the latest and greatest May Arts Ribbon has to offer.


Of course there’s a prize in it for you! 

I will give 1 roll of our new releases (your choice) to 2 different winners.  All you have to do to enter is post a comment right here, telling us your favorite new ribbons.

I will announce the winner right here on Friday July 10th. 


And now on to some new ribbon:

351 2.5"x20y Grosgrain

 2.5″ Width Grosgrain


471 1.5"x50y Green Tulle

471 1.5"x50y Light Purple Tulle

Two new colors in our tulle ribbon;  available in 1.5″, 3″ & 5″


and speaking of tulle:


it is now available in a wide 19″


531 5/8"x25y Solid with Gold Edge Family

5/8″ Solid with a Gold Trimmed Edge


532 5/8"x25y Candy Cane Family

some fun 5/8″ Candy Cane Stripes


533 1.5"x30y Sheer with Glitter Dots Family

1.5″ Sheer Glitter Ribbon


534 1"x20y Linen with Holiday Print Family

more Christmas Prints in a 1″


535 4"x10y Velvet with Gold Backing Family

A Velvet/Gold Reversible in two sizes: 2.5″ & 4″


536 1.5"x20y Natural with Velvet Polka Dot Family

1.5″ Velvet Polka Dots


537 3/8"x15y Metallic Crochet Family

Metallic Crochet Lace in 2 sizes: 3/8″ & 5/8″


538 3/8"x10y Pom Pom with Fringe Family

Fringed Pom Poms


539 1.5"x25y Solid with Metallic Edge Family

1.5″ Solid with Metallic Edge


PV 3/8"x33y Ivory Velvet Woven Ribbon

PV 3/8"x33y White Velvet Woven Ribbon

White and Ivory Velvet in 3/8″, 3/4″ and 1.5″


QH 3/4"x25y Grosgrain Family

Several New Colors in our 3/4″ Grosgrain


Which are your favorites?  Don’t forget to post your comments to enter to win!





We have some winners:


Roberta Mosher
I think the 1 inch Christmas prints are really cute. Can think of lots of ways to use them.
Andrea Amu
Absolutely swooning here over the rolls of velvet polka-dot ribbon!
Thanks for the chance to win some!


Congratulations, ladies!  Email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

 **when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming**


  1. Michelle Nadraszky

    I love LOVE the velvet polka dot ribbons!

  2. Terri Burson

    Woo hoo! Congrats to the winners!

  3. TracyM #6773

    CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!!

  4. Janet

    love those new Christmas prints on Linen ribbon

  5. leslie speers

    Love that Purple Tule and those Velvet Polka Dots, so vintage!

  6. Bonnie M

    Love all of the Christmas type ribbon. Fabulous to make my cards!

  7. Sue D

    I like the tulle ribbon and the velvet polka dots.

  8. Kelly B

    Love those cute little Pom Pom’s!

  9. Leslie lescalleet

    Love the polka dot and the Christmas ribbons…..I love scrapping and card making with ribbons. Ready set win some ribbon!

  10. Jamie Larsen

    My favs are the red velvet polka dots and the printed Christmas trees

  11. Sammibug

    Ooo I LOVE LOVE LOVE the purple tulle ribbon!

  12. Dorina D

    Another fun release with some beautiful ribbons. Love the Christmas Ribbons but I think the Solid with Metalic edge (any color) are gorgeous and would be so fun on my packages and cards.

  13. Miranda Wenaas

    That velvet polka dot is divine!! Love it.

  14. Roberta Mosher

    I think the 1 inch Christmas prints are really cute. Can think of lots of ways to use them.

  15. Kathy M

    Love to polka dots with the frayed edges.

  16. Cher Quinn

    Love all the new ribbon, but the velvet polka dot is so cute. Not to mention the glitter ribbon oh my 😉

  17. Susie

    They are all gorgeous! I think my favorite is the velvet polka dot!

  18. Pam You g

    Hands down the Velvet Polka Dots!!!

  19. Carla

    I just love the polka dots!! They are absolutely my favorite!!!

  20. Lisa C

    I adore the velvet polka dot ribbon! So cute.

  21. Kay

    Beautiful ribbon. I want one of each. lol

  22. Shelley Scarbro

    My absolute favorite is Velvet Polka dots!

  23. Connie Paton

    While all the ribbons are beautiful and any of them would be a great prize I love the Metallic Crocheted Lace

  24. Roser

    Love the polka dots!!! They are a NEED to have !!

  25. Lucy E.

    New ribbons are always exciting! I really like the Candy Cane stripe, but anything velvet is nice!

  26. Jean Marmo

    They are all amazing! Velvet polka dots? Love it!

  27. Shannon

    The velvet polka dot, love that look!!!

  28. Gail Jones

    I love all of them; but then again, I never buy any ribbon that is no May Arts,
    but the red velvet dots is especially spectacular!

  29. Gilda

    Love the velvet polka dots. Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. londa

    velvet polka dots

  31. Jamie

    Love it all but if I had to pick only one it would be the velvet polka dot ribbon 🙂

  32. Val

    Say what?!? Velvet polka dots?!? OH YES, please.

  33. Scrappin' Diva - Cindy B

    The tulle ribbon or the crochet lace ribbons are my fave!

  34. kristin heinz

    love love love all the Christmas ribbon…aways awesome designs!

  35. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I like he tulle ribbon and the velvet polka dots. Although the Christmas Ribbon is nice to start on those Christmas projects.

  36. Karen Hayes

    I like the 3/8 white velvet ribbon. I volunteer with Canada Post every Christmas responding to children’s Letters to Santa and I enjoy decorating the envelopes with stickers, stamps and ribbons. This white velvet would match nicely and it’ll look like snow. Thanks so much!

  37. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I love the tulle ribbon and the polka dot ribbon. You know those Christmas print ribbons are nice also to start working on Christmas gifts.

  38. Cindy K.

    I love the silver metallic crochet lace!

  39. Stephanie C

    So hard to choose!! But I will go with Velvet polka dots!

  40. Debbie Skluzaj

    The velvet polka dots are the best. The fringed pom poms look like a lot of fun.

  41. Jenn M.

    just love the natural ribbon with polka dots! Especially the pumpkin and red colors!

  42. Carmen N

    I love the Tulle ribbon and the Velvet Polka Dots

  43. Maxine

    Loving all the fresh new colors of the grosgrain!!! 🙂

  44. Sharon Gullikson

    Candy cane stripes is my favorite! It would come in handy in December

  45. Trish J

    velvet polka dot is beautiful!!

  46. L.r. Smith

    LOVELOVELOVE anything with POLKA~DOTS!
    Also LOVED the Santas’ Belt one!!!
    And the Fringed Pom~Pom’s~~~> <3

  47. Samantha B.

    I really like the Velvet Polka Dots. Adorable!

  48. Shari Klyn

    The velvet polka dots are to die for. I all ready have 3 projects in mind that I will use it on.

  49. Deborah Petronio

    Love love the velvet polka dots!

  50. Vicki Morris

    Oh my word I am loving the velvet polka dots. Absolutely divine.

  51. Jaime S.

    Wow… So many pretty ribbons to choose from. My 2 favorites are the Velvet Polka Dots & 1.5 Sheer Glitter Ribbon. So many gorgeous colors to compliment lots of different types of crafts. Great Job as Always!!

  52. Karen L K

    I like the Velvet Polka Dot ribbon!

  53. Jenelle Reyes

    I love them all but my favorite is the sheer glitter ribbon!

  54. Sandi B

    All the ribbons are beautiful. Hard choice but I like the white or ivory velvet. Would look great on my Christmas cards.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. Jennifer Taylor

    Omg! These are alll gorgeous! But i think i love the velvet polka dot the most . Thanks for a chance!

  56. CallyAnn

    I am n love with those velvet polka dots!!!!!

  57. Roseanna Crawford

    Love the ivory velvet,Christmas prints and the metallic edge

  58. Susie G.

    Looks like the velvet polka dot is going to be a big seller and it’s my favorite too!!!! Do love the Christmas prints and Candy Cane Stripes too!

  59. Kim Heggins

    Oh my….it’s like a kid in a candy store, so many beautiful ribbons!
    Love them all but those polka dots are fabulous.

  60. steph

    Love them all – the crochet lace is awesome!

  61. Dawn Miner

    OH MY! LOVE EVERYTHING! Got to find a place to order it from since all my stores closed!!!! 🙁

  62. Michelle Wells

    The velvet polka dots, and metallic crochet are just darling!!!

  63. Andrea Amu

    Absolutely swooning here over the rolls of velvet polka-dot ribbon!
    Thanks for the chance to win some!

  64. Linda T

    i love the velvet polka dots! I haven’t seen any ribbon like that before. I am sure I could find cards, scrapbook pages, and other altered art projects to use it on. Possibilities……..

  65. Linda Correa

    The metallic lace is outstanding. I can see myself using it on cards, scrapbook pages and a lot of my paper craft projects

  66. Carolyn Bounds

    I am loving the Velvet Polka Dots!! This girl NEEDS one in each color PLEASE!! 🙂

  67. Monique Leslie

    I love so many but the Velvet Polka Dot is my favorite

  68. Terri Burson

    Those Velvet Polka Dots own me!!

  69. Lunasdatter

    I love the red or Black Polka Dots …

  70. D.AnnC

    I like the metallic crochet in gold & the fringes pompoms… what fun!

  71. KarolS

    Love them all! Velvet w/polka dots…dressy.

  72. Mary Karas

    I am crushing on the Velvet Polka Dots!

  73. Teresa Godines #6857

    I like the Velvet Polka Dots the most. By the comments I see, so do many others.

  74. Jenice Schnell

    Omg dont make me choose just one!!!!! But love the velvet polka dot collection!!!! Love the candy cane and Christmas collections too!!! Soooo cute!!!! Wish you sold a yard of each variety pack!!!! Would soooo buy them!!!!

  75. Denise Sullivan

    I love Polka Dot Ribbon every color and size. Your new Velvet Polka Dot ribbon is so luscious. The colors are so pretty. As soon as I saw them I had ideas of how to use them for holiday projects. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of them. Will you have them in more colors? Please maybe purple and Aqua????

  76. Heather Boehlke

    i love the Velvet Polka Dot as well as the Sparkles! So beautiful!

  77. Bethany Hoskin

    Oh, I just LOVE the velvet polka dot!

  78. Kelly Massman

    I am in love with the 1.5″ Velvet Polka Dots!!!! thanks!

  79. Diane W

    The velvet polka dots but I also like the sheer glitter too.

  80. Kris Stice

    i love the velvet polka dots, but they are all great!

  81. Tina V

    Oh my fav is the tulle, no wait, the gold edge, wait-wait, the candy cane stripe, oh no-wait the velevet polkadot. Yes, the velvet polka dot, but the white and ivory velvet are luxurious!

  82. Sandy W

    Ooooh, pretty ribbon! I am in love with the Velvet Polka Dots and the Metallic Crochet Lace is to die for!!

  83. JoAnn Turnquist

    Love the polka dot ribbon. All your ribbons are beautiful.

  84. Mary Holshouser

    Love the candy stripe and the Christmas prints. Christmas is my favorite time of year for decorating so I really need those ribbons.
    the sheer sparkly ribbon is great too
    they’re all wonderful – who am I trying to kid.

  85. Tona

    Oooh, I’m loving the velvet polka dot.

  86. Rachel

    I have to say the velvet polka dots.

  87. Melissa W.

    I really love the velvet polka dots! But some of the grosgrain ribbons are soo beautiful and of course I love the glitter ribbon! So many beautiful ribjons!

  88. Cindy Horvath

    Really love the velvet polka dot. Love thstvits the tiniest bit shabby. So many possibilities.

  89. Arlene Burke

    I have to give you my top 3. I could not choose only one.
    Fringed Pom Pom / Velvet Polka Dots 1.5″ / Grosgrain 2.5″
    They are all beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.

  90. Anita Braddock

    I love them all but my Favorite would be the glitter ribbon it would be so Beautiful for my Scrapbboking for my Cards and pages. thanks for the chance to win your Awesome ribbons.

  91. Tami

    Love, Love, Love the Velvet Polka dots! Great stuff as usual. Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  92. Anita Y.

    So hard to choose, but I think I like the velvet polka dot best 🙂

  93. Laura Davis

    Sweet velvet dot…come to mama

  94. Vickie Y

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Velvet Polka Dots. Beautiful ribbons, each and every one! Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win.

  95. Bernice Chandler

    So beautiful and hard to decide!
    BuT I wil go with the glitter and the velvet!

  96. judy

    love the mauve satin ribbon and the gold edge ribbons. but they are all beautiful. the Christmas ones are great two.

  97. Amy C.

    Beautiful new ribbons! The Velvet Polka Dots is my favorite!

  98. TracyM #6773

    BEAUTIFUL ribbons and trims!!!
    I confess that I feeling like getting a head start and doing some Christmas crafting in July, so the pretty 1″ Christmas Prints immediately caught my eye … BUT, I LOVE sparkle & shine, so the 1.5″ Sheer Glitter Ribbon WIN MY HEART, they’re DELIGHTFUL!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on a FABULOUS release and THANK YOU for the chance to win 🙂

  99. Gayle M.

    I really LOVE the Velvet Polka Dots most of all but I really like the Christmas Prints too. I can see me using these on my Christmas cards.


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