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Fall Feathered Gifts

Day 3 – May Arts /  Core'dinations / Petaloo Blog Week!



Acknowledging the good deed or kind words that someone has done for you with something nice in return is a priceless treasure to have in your repertoire. Today I’ll show you two gifts of thanks for this fall season that cost little to produce but make a big impact using a combination of May Arts Ribbon, Core’dinations Cardstock and Petaloo Paper Flowers.



Let’s start with our supplies for both projects:



Both projects feature handmade feathers. To make the feathers, you simply tear a petal off of the paper flower and fold in half lengthwise. With your scissors, snip close lines at an angle to resemble a feather.



Adhere a hat pin to the inside of the newly formed feather with strong adhesive and allow to dry. You now have the perfect fall embellishment!



These little treat gift boxes are quick and easy to make. Simply follow the dimension guidelines on your scoring board for sizes to customize to the size of your gift or treat. My box is 3x3x2. Core’dinations Cardstock is a wonderful brand to use for this project because it is thick and holds up to scoring. After trimming and scoring the cardstock, distress the edges before assembling.



Complete the rustic fall feel of your gift box by wrapping it in May Arts Jute, cardstock tags and the handmade feathers.



Pencils are a great alternative to candy treats and are appreciated by recipients of all ages.



To customize the pencil set, simply cut a strip of cardstock, emboss and sand it to reveal your pattern. Secure the strip with adhesive after corralling your pencils, and then wrap with burlap string. Tuck in a few of handmade feathers for a cute, festive look.


Both the treat box and pencil set are a perfect, inexpensive way to express your gratitude during this season of thanks.



Alternate Ideas:

• Change up the colors of paper flowers to match a project featuring a specific bird. For example, use a deep crimson color on a holiday card showcasing a cardinal.

• Use your recipient’s favorite color in the cardstock choices, or mix it up with a carsdtock base and patterned paper top.

May Arts offers a fantastic selection of satin ribbon, use it instead of jute for a more classy and elegant favor.


Blog post by: Karen Baker


Be sure to hop on over to Core'dinations and Petaloo for another healthy dose of inspiration!

  1. Annette A.

    Karen did amazing…love it

  2. Sandy

    love this idea…the added feathers is great..

  3. Kathy P

    Very cute ideas—whoever would have thought feathers from flowers! Love the bold colors, too!

  4. Becky D

    What fun and thoughtful ideas! I have never distressed the edges of a box before – love the look! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  5. SuZeQ

    I never would have thought of making feathers from flowers. Love it.

  6. Lynn

    feathers from petaloo flower petals…oh wow~

  7. Lynn

    feathers from flower petals…oh wow~

  8. Jen W.

    Those home made feather are brilliant! What a great idea and such a fun gift topper. 🙂

  9. lynn

    you clever girl–LOVE the feather idea:)

  10. Kelley

    Great ideas! Core’dinations paper is fun to work with.

  11. Kristie Maynard

    Fabulous ideas! I love the handmade feathers! I will definately be making some of them! TFS!

  12. Trinh

    Love those feathers, Karen! Such a creative gift set!

  13. Sue D

    Very clever how you made the feathers.

  14. Marcia D.

    What fun projects!

  15. Alice W.

    love your handmade feathers. fabulous project, Karen! thanks for sharing!

  16. Cynthia B.

    Cute little gift set! Love the handmade feathers!

  17. Melinda Wilson

    Love this feather idea!

  18. Janet L.

    These feathers are awesome! I thought they were the real thing! Who knew?!

  19. erin t

    Fabulous!!! I really should use some of my Core goodies for boxes, what a great idea.

  20. Anita A

    What a cute fall idea!

  21. Jenny M

    These homemade feathers are so realistic, what a good idea 🙂


    i love the feather idea. thank you for sharing.

  23. Sue McRae

    What a fun project!

  24. Denise Bryant

    Pretty fall wrapping idea! Very clever feather idea. Love the colors!

  25. Kim H

    Love this technique and projects. Thank you so much for the new idea.

  26. Holly Tolman

    This is such a great idea for teacher gifts and back to school gifts too.

  27. Charlene

    Love the feather idea, Karen!

  28. Jingle

    Seriously cute! I love this!


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